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Workers in Iraq and Afghanistan Could Get Both Defense Base Act Benefits and War Hazard Benefits

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A Tough Job 

It makes sense that you don’t get normal workers’ compensation, because your job is far from normal. Working for a defense contractor in the Middle East is full of unimaginable hazards—dangers that most workers back in the U.S. will never have to suffer. So if you are injured, you should be given comprehensive benefits that allow you to heal—or, in some cases, benefits that allow your family to grieve in peace.

Why Do Contract Workers in the Middle East Need Defense Base Act Benefits?

As troops have been extracted from Iraq and Afghanistan, there has been an increase in military contractors and civilian employees. Unfortunately, this also means in increase in Defense Base Act (DBA) injuries and death in the region. Since 2001, there have been nearly 50,000 DBA cases, including 1,584 deaths of contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The federal government has reported the following losses in the Middle East between 2001 and 2014:

  • Iraq. 18,113 injuries and 1,615 deaths
  • Afghanistan. 13,036 injuries and 1,559 deaths
  • Kuwait. 3,083 injuries and 75 deaths

Contractor operations in Iraq and Afghanistan are particularly dangerous, as they account for 88 percent of all DBA-covered contractor deaths during this period. Many experts - including myself - think  that these numbers may be severely underreported.

Can I Get Payment Under the War Hazards Compensation Act?

The War Hazards Compensation Act (WHCA). This act provides payment for contractor injuries and deaths directly related to military conflict. Unlike the DBA, a war hazard claim is not paid by the employer’s insurance company, but by the federal government.

Under the WHCA, an injury or death may have been the result of a war hazard if it took place:

  • During a war or armed conflict in which the United States is engaged.
  • During a war or armed conflict between other military forces in a country in which the employee works.
  • During a hostile action of a group or individual (such as insurrection or rebellion).
  • During the collision of active-duty vessels.
  • On a vessel or aircraft operating in a hostile zone.
  • Due to the discharge of a weapon by a military member or hostile force
  • As a result of munitions discharge intended for a hostile force. 

While workers are entitled to both of these benefits, getting compensation from both agencies can be difficult. Often, DBA benefits are first paid to the injured worker or his family, and then the employer’s insurance company seeks repayment from the federal government for war hazard benefits. Although WHCA benefits are paid through a separate fund (called the Employees’ Compensation Fund), the worker or his family will often have to fight to get full and fair compensation—and in some cases, collecting one benefit may mean a reduction in the other.

A Defense Base Act Attorney Can Help You Get the Maximum Benefits You Are Owed

If you were injured while performing work abroad under a military service contract, you are likely covered by the full provisions of the Defense Base Act. Your medical costs, disability payments, and death benefits should be covered regardless of whether the injury took place during work hours. These benefits extend across most government contract industries, including public works, construction, and providing necessary services in foreign countries.

The most important thing you can do after suffering an injury abroad is to gather as much information as possible about the accident and your rights to compensation. In our comprehensive injury guide, Win Your Defense Base Act Case, we provide our clients with straightforward and relevant information they can use to get payment as quickly as possible. Download your free copy today, or fill out the quick contact form on this page to get your answers to all of your questions.

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