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The DBA and Traumatic Brain Injury

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Defense Base Act Brain Injuries - America's Leading DBA Lawyer - Bill Turley
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"From IED's/ roadside bombs to shrapnel to auto accidents - - DBA workers suffer traumatic brain injuries at an alarming rate. Once home, these DBA workers and their families oftentimes have to fight for the most basic of brain injury medical care from the DBA insurance company." DBA Attorney Bill Turley

Defense Base Act and Brain Injuries

First of all, you have to realize that nothing is more important than your health.  Your number one challenge is usually getting the right medical treatment to get better.  Which is why choosing your free choice physician is so important. Second, whether today or tommorow, at some point the DBA insurance carrier is going to be your adversary.
Either way, noting is more important than your credibility.  Which is can be very difficult when you suffer from a brain injury.

Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be classified as mild if loss of consciousness and/or confusion and disorientation is shorter than 30 minutes. While MRI and CAT scans are often normal, the individual has cognitive problems such as headache, difficulty thinking, memory problems, attention deficits, mood swings and frustration. These injuries are commonly overlooked. Even though this type of TBI is called "mild", the effect on the family and the injured person can be devastating.


Those suffering MTBI typically evidence a range of impairments and levels of disability that in the long run, are often poorly associated with injury severity. Few neurological disorders are as prevalent as MTBI, which has an estimated incidents of 350,000 new cases each year and according to the National Center of Health Statistics, approximately 85% of all traumatic brain injuries are classified as mild.


Traumatic brain injuries are usually caused by a bump or blow to the head. These injuries sometimes are called "concussions" or "traumatic brain injuries" (TBI) and can range from mild to severe.


The signs and symptoms of a mild traumatic brain injury (concussion) may include:

1. A brief period of unconsciousness
2. Amnesia for events immediately before and after the injury
3. Memory or concentration problems
4. Confusion
5. Dizziness or loss of balance
6. Headache
7. Mood changes
8. Sensory problems, such as blurred vision, ringing in the ears or a bad taste in the mouth


Concussive Blast Brain Injuries

The U.S. Marine Corps has done some great studies on concussive blasts and brain injuries.  Time and again overseas civilian contractors "get their bell rung" by a concussive blast and suffer brain injuries.  Problem is that most doctors don't really understand or know about concussive blast induced brain injuries.


Overseas Civilian Contractors and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Again, don't be confused with the word "mild." It is anything but mild to those with a serious brain injury. Many DBA workers have suffered brain injuries. Many occur from IED's. Others from shrapnel and the like. While others suffere brain injuries from trauma or automobile accidents.

Under the Longshore Act (the DBA is an extension of the Longshroe Act); brain injuries are called unscheduled injuries. Meaning, there is no "scheduled" amount of compensation if you have a brain injury.

Instead, compensation for brain injuries is based upon a wage loss concept. Meaning, that once you prove you are unable to return to your usual and customary employment, the burden shifts to the DBA insurance company to prove that you are able to perform specific jobs with you brain injury.


DBA Insurance Company's Routinely Deny Brain Injury Treatment

You will see that getting treatment for a traumtic brain injury from a DBA insurance company is not always easy. You will need to be ready to fight to get the full treatment you or your family member deserve including:


- Neurologists
- Neuropsychologists
- Rehabilitation Services
- Attendant Car


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