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How the “Special Fund” Benefits Injured Defense Base Act Workers

Defense Base Act

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Once you have suffered several injuries overseas, it can be difficult to return to the type of work you used to do. You rely on your disability payments to make up for the income you have lost, and you’re not sure why a government employer would hire you when you are already collecting disability. Is there a way you can continue working without losing your disability benefits?

Actually, there is. One of the provisions of the Defense Base Act encourages employers to hire workers who have already been injured in the course of their duties. The Second Injury Fund (sometimes called the Special Fund), provides payments for workers who have suffered a combination of illnesses or accidents while working.

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No matter what, the first thing you should do is always tell the truth from the beginning. Never tell a lie to the judge. Never exaggerate anything to your attorney. Always be up-front and honest with the DBA Doctor about your injuries. A doctor, a Judge and an attorney will more likely be able to help you if they believe you are being honest. 

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Who Is Eligible for Benefits Through the Defense Base Act Special Fund?

Your right to Special Fund payments depends on the extent of your injuries. In order to collect benefits, you must have had an existing permanent partial disability, have suffered at least one second injury, and are considered disabled due to the resulting combination of your injuries.

There are a number of payments provided through the Special Fund, including:

  • Permanent disability benefits. Some employers are only required to pay a certain number of months of permanent disability payments to injured employees. After this, the U.S. Treasury issues compensation through the Special Fund then pays for the duration of your benefit period.
  • Medical benefits. Normally, your employer’s insurer is liable for paying for the costs of your medical treatment due to your accident. However, the Special Fund can cover the costs of an injured worker’s medical care if the employer or insurance provider have gone out of business.
  • Death benefits. Widows and widowers may receive death benefits through the Special Fund until they remarry. If the surviving spouse never remarries, he or she will receive survivor benefits for the rest of his or her life.

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