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Credibility and Likeability Matter in Your Defense Base Act Case

“Integrity is telling myself the truth. And honesty is telling the truth to other people.” Spencer Johnson

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Winning With The Truth

Ok, let's start from the beginning. I am going to be straight-up with you. I guarantee that it is not in your best interests for a Defense Base Act lawyer to tell you what you want to hear. It may seem new to you - but it is your new reality. If you are checking out my website - you have a Defense Base Act claim. I am going to give you the truth - sugar free - all the time. Just the way that I would want it if I were you.

When civilian contractors get hurt overseas and file a Defense Base Act (DBA) claim, they probably assume that they can just put the facts out there and everything will work in their favor. You have medical documentation, testimony from experts, a whole analysis of your expenses, and all kinds of evidence that you were seriously hurt. And, while all those facts and figures do matter, you can still lose your DBA case if:

  • The Judge believes you are lying. You win your case with the truth. Don’t exaggerate or stray from the facts. If your testimony seems vague and inconsistent, or if you’re caught trying to cover up difficult facts, then you’ll lose—regardless of the other facts in your case.
  • You’re not “likeable.” It’s a hard truth, but your likeability matters in your DBA case. If you’ve got a bad attitude when you’re talking with the insurance adjuster (I recommend that you don't talk to the DBA adjuster unless you have read my free book - Win Your Defense Base Act Case), are aggressive with the Judge, have a history of cheating and lying, or otherwise come off as unlikeable, the Judge will take that into account when making a decision. The exception is if your “likeability” problems are a symptom of your injury.

Do You Really Look as Credible and Likeable as You Think You Are?

Even if you don’t think you’ve said or done anything that will wreck your credibility, you should be aware that the DBA insurance company will be looking for ways to sway the Judge against you. It isn’t unusual for Facebook posts, videos, embarrassing rants, and other information to surface that makes you look bad. While one mistake might not ruin your case by itself, you can expect the insurance company to bring up all kinds of little pieces of “evidence” that—all put together—make it look like you’re lying or looking for “revenge” for what happened.

If you think you might have some credibility problems, you need to take a realistic look at your case. An experienced DBA attorney can help you support your case with strong evidence, explain why or why not to take your case to trial, and make sure you are making informed decisions.

If you’re ready to start taking the first step, take a minute to request a copy of my book, Win Your Defense Base Act Case: The Ultimate Straight Talk Roadmap to the Medical Treatment and Money You and Your Family Deserve. It’s completely free, chock full of truly useful information about DBA claims, and will help you protect yourself and your rights.

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Also you can check out my podcast at DBAradio.com where i cover important DBA issues.

Disclaimer: Please understand these discussions and/or examples are not legal advice. All legal situations are different. This testimonial, endorsement and/or discussion does not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter, your particular case/ situation and/or this particular case/ situation. Thanks, Bill Turley

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