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“No B.S. straight forward answers to your Defense Base Act questions in simple, easy to understand English, that everyone can understand. No legal mumbo-jumbo, lawyer talk. Ever.”  Defense Base Act Lawyer - Bill Turley

Connecticut Defense Base Act Lawyer - Bill Turley (from San Diego, California)

It all comes down to whether the Judge believes you or not

This is the situation. I know that you want to win your Defense Base Act case.  The future for you and your family depends on it. I understand.

I am aware of this because my law firm is one of the top two largest DBA law firms in the world that represents seriously injured overseas civilian contractors.

The point is this: Nothing is more crucial to your case than your credibility when you bring in a DBA claim. Whether the Judge believes you or not will determine the outcome of your case more than anything else. 

Seems simple, but it can get very complex.

Telling the truth about everything is so important. When it comes to a DBA case, you need to “sweat the small stuff” so to speak. Specifically, it is all the seemingly small details that the DBA insurance company is going to try and use to derail your case and beat you in court.

I explain this in my book Win Your Defense Base Act Case.  I suggest you check out  the dozens of 5 Star reviews on Amazon.com.  DBA insurance companies HATE this book. It is written to help you with all the "small details" that are going to help you save your credibility and help you win your DBA case. (The book is available for purchase on Amazon.com, or you can get it for free on this website.).

Don't fool yourself by saying, "I'm telling the truth, no problem, I've got this." That is just the thinking that can put you into another one of the DBA insurance company’s tricks and traps.


DBA Straight Talk

I am known for giving it to you straight. No B.S., no legal mumbo jumbo. Ever.

I’m not in California? Why should I hire you guys?

Good question. We get calls from seriously injured overseas civilian contractors all the time that have hired local attorneys.  It usually goes something like this: 

    -    “My lawyer screwed up my case, can you fix it?”

    -    “My benefits got cut off and my lawyer doesn’t seem like he knows what he’s    doing?” 

    -    “My lawyer stopped taking my calls.” 

    -    “I got referred to a local workers compensation lawyer, he said he could handle my case. Can you help me?” 

Hiring the right lawyer for your DBA case is something you need to think hard about.  This is a big decision, so choose wisely.

I know that you are probably looking for a Connecticut Defense Base Act lawyer. 

No matter where you live in Connecticut - whether you live in Bridgeport, Hartford, New Haven, Stamford, or Waterbury -  I suggest that you take the time to find and hire the very best, honest DBA lawyer that will agree to take your case.  You want someone with experience, who regularly goes up against the DBA insurance companies. You don't need a part-time DBA lawyer. I suggest you kick the tires.

BEFORE you sign any forms, talk to the DBA insurance company adjuster, give any statements or even hire the wrong DBA lawyer, I strongly suggest that you read my book - Win Your Defense Base Act Case (and also be sure to check out the dozens of 5 STAR reviews on amazon.com, if you haven't already) Just saying.

We aren’t from Connecticut - and why that is a benefit to you! 

We are based in San Diego, California. We have been handling Longshore and Harbor Worker Compensation Act (Longshore Act) claims since 1987, it’s kind of our thing. The Defense Base Act is an extension of the Longshore Act.  Defense Base Act cases are administered through the Department of Labor. It is the same law, same system and the same Judges.  We understand DBA cases.  We understand the DBA insurance companies. 

San Diego has the biggest shipyard on the West Coast. I cut my teeth, so to speak, handling Longshore Act cases for shipyard workers and Longshoremen. 

Today we represent seriously injured Defense Base Act workers and their family’s across the USA and around the world. 


A few things you should know about the DBA and doctors

The most important thing to remember about choosing a treating physician for your injury is that you only get one free choice. If you disagree with the doctor you have chosen, you cannot change doctors unless you have your employer’s permission to do so. For this reason, it is vital to select your treating doctor very carefully.

Here are a few more things to be wary of when seeking treatment for a DBA injury:

  • Defense medical evaluations. Your DBA insurance carrier can require you to attend a medical evaluation by a doctor who is in its employ or whom the insurer has chosen. You will have to attend this medical evaluation, or your compensation can be suspended. This does not affect your ability to choose and visit your own physician for treatment, and you are not required to be treated by any doctor chosen by your employer or insurance company. Even worse, the insurance companies call these doctors "Independent Medical Evaluations" or IME's.  Know this, 95% of the time there is nothing "Independent" about these doctors.
  • Specialized care. Your DBA benefits should cover any reasonable and necessary medical treatment related to your injury. However, your employer or insurer may only pay for specialized care that is located near your home. For example, you have the right to consult with an orthopedic surgeon if your injury requires it, but your employer does not have to pay for one who is located hundreds of miles away, even if you prefer that surgeon’s care.
  • Fees. All of the fees you incur at your medical appointments should be reimbursed by the DBA insurance company, including mileage, prescription medication costs, copays, etc.
  • Referrals.  Your free choice physician can refer you to other medical specialties and/or specialists. For example, an orthopedist doctor can refer you to a neurologist.
  • Choice. Choose very, very carefully. If you choose the wrong "fee choice physician" it can be very, very damaging to your case.


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