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Carnival Cruise Lines Jones Act Seaman - Should I wait to hire a Jones Act Attorney?

“We give you an insiders view of Jones Act Seaman Law for Carnival Crew Members.  We don’t sugar coat it for you. Here, we give it to you straight. No lawyer talk, no double talk. Just good old fashioned, unsweetened truth.”  America's Leading Jones Act Lawyer - Bill Turley

Carnival Cruise Line Jones Act Lawyer I Carnival Crew Member Attorney - Should I wait to hire a Jones Act Attorney?

My Best Advice

If you are an injured seaman, you have rights to be protected under the Longshore Jones Act. The first thing after you are injured is that you should always tell the truth. Nothing is more important than your credibility with the judge and your lawyer. No matter what type of injury or how you were injured, you should never sugarcoat or exaggerate anything.

My Second Best Advice

The next best thing you can do before you go to court is research as much information as you can about your Jones Act Case. I have handled these types of cases since the 1980's. I have gained valuable and helpful knowledge these cases.

Order my Free book, Win Your Injury Case: The Ultimate No B.S. Guide To Avoiding Insurance Company Tricks That Ruin Your Case [ Even before you hire a lawyer].

It is full of useful and helpful information on how to handle your Jones Act Case from beginning to end.

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Injured While Working For Carnival?

Working on a Carnival cruise ship can be exciting and rewarding. On the other hand, working as a crew member on a Carnival cruise ship can also be very dangerous and downright deadly. Carnival  ship crew members are like all Seaman - they work at the mercy of the vessel. Meaning, if the Carnival ship sinks, runs aground or catches on fire or such - - crew members lives are at risk.

Seaman face incredible hazards not faced by ordinary land based workers. Unlike a land based worker, a Seaman can't up and quit if they face unsafe working conditions or unsafe hazards while working. Because of these unique hazards faced by Seaman, Seaman are allowed to sue their employers and the vessel if they are injured while in service for the vessel. Under United States Maritime Law, Seaman can sue their employers based upon General Maritime Law and the Jones Act.

Seaman have the most powerful rights and remedies of any workers in America. Because Seaman work at the mercy of the vessel - Seaman have the right to sue thier employers and the vessel in civil court. Seaman have the right to maintenance and cure, past wage loss, future wage loss, future medical treatment, pain and suffering damages and loss of enjoyment of life damages.

It Can Happen To Anyone

No one expects to be injured while working on a Carnival cruise ship. But we can speak from experience - - Carnival Crew Members can and do get seriously injured. When you get right down to it - - working on a Carnival Cruise ship can be deadly dangerous.  Anything can and will happen. If it happens to you or a loved one - - you need to be ready to protect your rights.

Whether you have suffered a back injury while lifting, slipped and fell on worn out non-skid or the like - - you are entitled to benefits if you are injured while working for a Carnival cruise ship.

Carnival Cruise Lines Jobs & Employment

Deck Department

The officers and crew on each ship who navigate Carnival vessels, provide shipboard security, maintain the non-mechanical portions of the ships’ exteriors and interiors, and transport guests and supplies safely from ship to shore. This department includes Captain, Staff Captain, Bridge Officers, and Maintenance Team.

Restaurant Services

The Carnival restaurant service staff includes Maitre D’s, Asst Maitre D’s, Hostesses, Team Waiters and Team Head Waiters.

Engine Department

The engine department is responsible for operating the ship’s engines and for maintaining the engine room as well as hotel systems, including food catering equipment. This department includes Chief Engineer, Staff Chief Engineers, Engine Officers, Electronic Officers, Plumbers, Electricians, oilers and wipers.

Housekeeping Department

The housekeeping department includes the Housekeeping Manager, Asst Housekeeping Managers, Stateroom Stewards, Asst Stateroom Stewards and Hotel Stewards.

Culinary Arts

The Carnival Culinary Arts department includes Chefs, Sous Chefs, Buffet Pantry Men, Pastry Chefs and Cooks.

Bar Guest Services

The Carnival Bar Guest Services department includes the Bar Manager, Assistant Bar Manager, Bartenders and Bar Waiters.


Performers, dancers, actors, actresses, singers, musicians, comics, audio Visual Technicians, Cruise Director, Assistant Cruise Director, Social Hosts, Production, Set designers.

Other Carnival Cruise Lines Workers


Shore Excursion Workers

Laundry Workers

Casino workers.

Hair Stylists

Carnival  is providing all benefits. Should I wait to hire a Jones Act  attorney?

In too many instance, injured Seaman  wait too late to get a lawyer. They wait until after a crisis situation has arisen.  Sometime, when this occurs it is simply too late.  You should consider the following realities:

1.     You are literally, at war with Carnival.  Carnival’s interests are far different from yours and your families. The insurance adjuster is not your friend.  In fact, the insurance adjuster is the last one that your should be getting your legal advice from.

2.     The legal  system is heavily in favor of employers.  The legal system is brutal to the unprepared. At every step in your case mistakes can be made that can and will result in you and your family getting a lot less than you deserve.  The procedures and time limitations are daunting.   Let’s face it. The law is a collection of rules. If you don’t know the rules, how are you going to win your case?

3.     Carnival sure knows the rules.  They hire adjusters and attorneys that know the rules forwards and backwards.  They hire sharks. Literally.   These sharks will eat up your case in a New York second. Depend on it. We sure do. So should you.

Carnival Crew Member Attorney

We are Trial Lawyers - Not Settlement Lawyers. No matter what type of injury you have suffered, you do not want to settle for anything less than what you deserve. We have the experience and resources to take on big insurance companies and we will not rest until you get a fair recovery. 

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