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Steps To Getting A Life Pension


California Workers Compensation: What is a Life Pension?

There are two types of life pensions:

1. Permanent Total Disability
2. Permanent Partial Disability

With a Permanent Total Disability life pension, you must have 100% disability.

For a Permanent Partial Disability you must have a Permanent Disability (PD) rating of 70% or more to be entitled to a life pension.

You are entitled to a life pension based upon a formula using variables determined by your PD rating and your weekly earnings or wages. In general, you are entitled to a life pension of 1.5 percent of actual weekly earnings for each 1 percent your PD rating exceeds 60 percent. This is a little confusing, because you are not entitled to a life pension unless your PD rating is over 70 percent.

This means you can have a PD rating of 69.75* and still not qualify for a life pension.

• PD ratings are computed to the nearest ¼ of 1%

Marshalling the medical evidence is often times crucial to obtaining a life pension. This is another place where a seasoned workers compensation lawyer can make all the difference.


Let Our Experienced Team Handle It

You have been in a serious work accident or you have a work injury that has gotten worse over time. We will help you through this difficult time. When we take care of dealing with the insurance company, make sure you get the best medical treatment available, make sure you get your weekly compensation check - - this allows you the time and attention to getting better.

We know nothing is more important to you and your family than your health. You need to get the best recovery possible so you can provide for your families future. Whether you have a catastrophic work injury, brain injury, burn injury, spinal cord injury, back injury, an amputation, RSD, hand injury, foot injury , hip injury or knee injury from an injury incident at a shipyard accident , construction site accident , auto accident, factory accident, or office accident, the Workers Compensation lawyers at The Turley & Mara Law Firm, APLC will handle your workers compensation claim or third party injury claim. We will help guide you through the workers compensation process and procedures to ensure you get all the workers compensation benefits you are entitled to under California workers compensation law. We will make sure you have explored all potential third party on the job injury civil cases.

Our Reputation is Success

Since 1987, the insurance companies have respected us for how we fight for our clients. This respect is a benefit clients receive when they choose The Turley & Mara Law Firm, APLC. The recognition the legal industry has given us helps us succeed for our clients. You want a lawyer that is going to be able to stand up to the insurance company. You want a lawyer that is going to get the maximum recovery for your case. You don't want a lawyer that has a learning curve to understand the issues in your case. You want the best.


We Can Help You

We are ready to help you immediately. You deserve help from a lawyer who understands your situation and how to help you in this difficult time. We fight hard to get you the best medical care. We fight hard to get you all the compensation which you are entitled under the law. Our goal is help you get your life back together.

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