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How to stop SPAM text messages and recover thousands - we could be talking BIG MONEY!

Are you receiving unwanted text messages on your cell phone?

How to fight back if you get unwanted SPAM text messages.

If so, you may be entitled to thousands of dollars in damages.

Under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act it is illegal for  companies to send SPAM text messages unless the conumer gives their consent to receive the message or the message was sent for emergency reasons.   

How to fight back if you get unwanted SPAM text messages.

California SPAM Text Message Lawyer - Bill Turley

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California SPAM Text Message Lawyer - Bill Turley

Are you receiving unwanted text messages on your cell phone?

If so, you may be entitled to thousands of dollars in damages.


What are we talking about?

My name is Bill Turley, I am a California SPAM Text Message Lawyer. Here is the problem.

Lately the increase of unsolicited robocalls, text message spam and other abusive telemarketing has reached epidemic proportions.

It is estimated that in the United States alone, more than one billion text messages are sent everyday.  Many of these messages are unwanted and unsolicited by the recipient - a modern day version of junk mail.        

The bad news is that this problem is getting worse, not better.  For cell phone users, the problems are not just simple annoyances.  Many cell phone carriers charge per received texts and the problem is amplified if the recipient is on a pre-paid cell phone plan. According to the New York Times this is a billion dollar a year problem.

“Unsolicited text messaging is a pervasive problem,” according to the FTC.

These costly and intrusive practices are more than just a nuisance – they are illegal.


You may be able to recover up to $1,500 per text message!

Under FCC regulations businesses are required to obtain your written, signed consent before they can send text messages to consumers. What many folks don’t realize is that this applies even if you have not placed your cell phone on the Do-Not-Call list.

When a company breaks the law and sends out unwanted spam text messages, you can recover up to $500 per message – a fine that can increase to $1500 per text if the company willfully violated the law.

The TCPA entitles a person to minimum statutory damages of $500 to 1,500 per each call, text, or fax that violates the law. I suggest that you contact an honest California SPAM text message Lawyer.


What Should I Do?

If a company is sending or has sent you spam texts or SMS messages, report the message to us.

After you get in touch with us, we will explain how you may be able to collect up to $1,500 per unwanted message.

Remember to keep any text messages you receive – deleting the text messages can significantly hinder your chances of recovering money.


It can add up really quick

Let’s say you received 15 text messages after you asked a marketer to stop. Under the law you would be entitled to (15 texts x $1500) $22,500 from the marketer.     

In one SPAM text case the person got over $200,000 case. In other the person got over $28,000.

In other words we are talking about serious money.


What are talking about?

I recently received a text message asking if I wanted a quick personal loan. Text messages promise cheal mortgages, credit cards, gift cards, drugs, promote pizzas, burgers, etc. It can happen to anybody. Even you.


It goes back four years

Under the law you must take action within four years from the time you received a call or unsolicited text message.

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