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This website provides information to injured workers and their families. Our goal is to level the playing field between people seriously injured by boats and insurance companies. We expose the tricks, traps, and stunts they use to cheat injured people out of their legal rights. We provide vital information so you can make informed decisions regarding your boating accident Injury Case.

Our California Boating Accident Attorneys have packed this website with hundreds of pages of free information, which we constantly update. Use our website to research your California  boat accident case, California  boat collision case, or maritime injury case. You will see that we have an assortment of informative and relevant articles.


What are navigable waters?

Simply stated navigable waters refers to waters that you can take a vessel to the ocean, to another country or to another State. Stated differently, if you can take a vessel out to sea from where your boat accident occurred, then the accident occurred in navigable waters.

For example, the Pacific Ocean, Chula Vista Marina, Mission Bay, San Diego Harbor, Oceanside Harbor, Agua Hedionda Lagoon, Carlsbad, California, San Diego River, Colorado River, and the Tijuana River are all are all navigable waters of the United States.

Maritime Statute of Limitations
A Statute or Limitations determines when a lawsuit has to be filed.  For example, most maritime statute of limtations is three years. That is, you have three years to file a lawsuit or you will forever lose the right to seek damages for the injuries caused by the accident.  There are some exception to this rule - such as merchant marines that work on Military Sealift Command vessels.

Boat Accident Lawyer in California

We handle boat accident cases all over California. We are maritime lawyers.  We have been handling maritime accidents since the 1980's. If you or a loved one is seriously injured in a boating accident - - you need a seasoned California maritime lawyer.  We strongly recommend against hiring a car accident lawyer or a dog bite lawyer for your serious boat accident case.


Below is a list of California Harbors & Marinas with phone number contacts. The list was supplied by the California Department of Boating and Waterways (DBW). Phone numbers and business names may change due to the ever-changing world we live in.


Al Larsen Marina Terminal Island CA 310-832-0526
Alamar Marina Sacramento CA 916-922-0200
Almar Marinas Oxnard CA 805-985-6035
Alameda Marina Alameda CA 510-521-1133
Alamitos Bay Marina Long Beach CA 310-594-0951
Anacapa Isle Marina Oxnard CA 805-985-6035
Anacapa Marine Services Oxnard CA 805-985-1818
Anchor Marina Bethel Island CA 925-684-9148
Andreas Cove Isleton CA 916-777-6409
Antioch Marina Antioch CA 925-779-6957
Antlers Resort Marina Lakehead CA 800-238-3924
Ardell Marina, Inc. Newport Beach CA 949-642-5735
Austin's Campgrounds & Marina Clearlake CA 707-994-7623
Avalon Harbor Department, City of Avalon CA 310-510-0535
B & W Resort Marina Isleton CA 916-777-6161
Bahia Cabrillo Yacht Landing Oxnard CA 805-985-0113
Bahia Resort Hotel Marina San Diego CA 619-488-0551
Bair Island Marina Redwood City CA 650-701-0382
Balboa Yacht Basin Newport Beach CA 714-673-7761
Balboa Yacht Club Corona Del Mar CA 949-673-3515
Ballena Isle Marina Alameda CA 510-523-5528
Bar Harbor Marina Del Rey CA 310-823-4689
Bay Club Marina San Diego CA 619-222-0314
Bay Marina Morro Bay CA 805-772-3777
Bay Shore Marina Newport Beach CA 949-721-0111
Bayside Marina Corona Del Mar CA 949-721-0111
Beacon Harbor Bethel Island CA 510-684-2174
Bear River Lake Resort Pioneer CA 209-295-4868
Bellport Group Newport Beach CA 949-723-7780
Benicia Marina Benicia CA 707-745-3692
Bentley's Marina Bethel Island CA 510-684-2327
Berkeley Marina Berkeley CA 510-644-6376
Berkeley Marine Center, Inc. Berkeley CA 510-843-8195
Berkeley Yacht Club Berkeley CA 510-843-9292
Bethel Harbor Bethel Island CA 925-684-2141
Bidwell Canyon Marina Oroville CA 916-589-3165
Big Bear Marina, Inc. Big Bear Lake CA 909-866-3218
Big Bend Resort Parker Dam CA 619-663-3755
Big Break Resort Oakley CA 510-757-5501
Big Cove Resort Lake Almanor CA 916-596-3349
Big Rock Marina June Lake CA 619-648-7717
Black Butte Marina Orland CA 916-865-2665
Boathouse Marina Walnut Grove CA 916-776-1204
Bob's Playa Riviera North Shore CA 619-354-1835
Bobs Boat Basin Trinidad CA 707-677-3625
Bombay Marina Niland CA 619-354-4049
Boyd's Harbor Bethel Island CA 510-684-0922
Braito's Marina Kelseyville CA 707-279-4868
Brandy Creek Marina Whiskeytown CA 916-359-2269
Brannan Island State Park Rio Vista CA 707-777-7701
Breakwater Cove Marina Monterey CA 408-373-7857
Brickyard Cove Marina Point Richmond CA 510-236-1933
Bridge Bay Resort & Marina Redding CA 916-275-3021
Brinkmans Marine, Inc. Vallejo CA 707-642-7521
Brisbane Marina Brisbane CA 415-583-6975
Browns Ravine Folsom CA 916-988-0205
Brunos Island Yacht Harbor Isleton CA 916-777-6084
Bucks Lake Lodge & Marina Quincy CA 916-283-2262
Buena Vista Concessions Bakersfield CA 805-763-1770
Bullfrog Landing & Marina Stockton CA 209-465-9610
Cabrillo Boat Shop San Pedro CA 310-832-2609
Cabrillo Isle Marina San Diego CA 805-985-6035
Cabrillo Marina San Pedro CA 310-732-3566
Cachuma Boat Rentals Solvang CA 805-688-4040
Caliente Isle Yacht Club Bethel Island CA 925-684-9979
California Dry Slip Newport Beach CA 714-675-5901
California Yacht Club Marina Del Rey CA 310-823-4567
California Yacht Marina Chula Vista CA 619-422-2595
California Yacht Marina Wilmington CA 310-534-8436
California Yacht Marina-Cabrillo San Pedro CA 310-732-2252
Campland on the Bay Marina San Diego CA 619-581-4224
Canyon Lake Canyon Lake CA 714-244-8824
Capitola Boat & Bait Capitola CA 408-462-2208
Caples Lake Resort Kirkwood CA 209-258-8888
Captain's Table Marina Sacramento CA 916-442-6958
Carol's Harbor & Marina Oakley CA 510-684-2803
Catalina Yacht Anchorage Marina Del Rey CA 310-823-3684
Cedar Stock Resort Lewiston CA 916-286-2225
Cerritos Yacht Anchorage Wilmington CA 310-834-4737
Channel Islands Boat Marina Oxnard CA 805-385-8693
Channel Islands Landing Oxnard CA 805-985-6059
Channel Islands Marina Oxnard CA 805-985-7558
Channel Islands Yacht Club Oxnard CA 805-985-2492
Channel Marina Richmond CA 510-233-2246
Chartroom Marina Crescent City CA 707-464-5993
Chula Vista Marina & RV Resort Chula Vista CA 619-420-9667
Cisco Sportfishing Oxnard CA 805-985-8511
Clear Lake Marina Lakeport CA 707-263-6645
Cliff's Marina Sacramento CA 916-665-1611
Clipper Yacht Harbor Sausalito CA 415-332-3500
Collins Lake Oregon House CA 916-692-1600
Colonial Yacht Anchorage Wilmington CA 310-830-1161
Convict Lake Resort Mammoth Lakes CA 619-934-3800
Copper Cove Marina Copperopolis CA 209-785-2240
Corinthian Yacht Club Tiburon CA 415-435-4771
Coronado Cays Marina North Coronado CA 619-423-4982
Coronado Cays Yacht Club Coronado CA 619-429-0133
Coyote Point Marina San Mateo CA 650-347-6730
Crescent City Habor Crescent City CA 707-464-6174
Crockett Marine Service, Inc. Crockett CA 510-787-1049
Crowley Lake Marina Mammoth Lakes CA 760-935-4301
Cruiser Haven Marina Brentwood CA 510-634-3822
Cuyamaca Lake Fishing Resort Julian CA 619-765-0515
Dana Inn & Marina San Diego CA 619-222-6440
Dana Landing Marina San Diego CA 619-224-2513
Dana Point - East Marina Dana Point CA 714-496-6137
Dana Point - West Marina Dana Point CA 714-493-6222
Dana Point Shipyard Dana Point CA 714-661-1313
Dana Point Yacht Club Dana Point CA 714-496-2900
Dana West Yacht Club Dana Point CA 949-661-1185
De Anza Bayside Marina Newport Beach CA 714-673-1331
DeAnza Harbor Resort Pacific Beach CA 619-273-3211
Dean's North Fork Marina Wofford Heights CA 619-379-2604
Del Mar Marina Pendleton CA 619-725-2820
Deauville Marina Marina Del Rey CA 310-578-7547
Del Valle Park & Recreation Livermore CA 510-449-5201
Del's Boat Harbor Byron CA 209-835-8365
Delta Bay Club Isleton CA 916-777-5588
Delta Isle Isleton CA 916-777-5489
Delta Marina Rio Vista CA 707-374-2315
Delta Resort Bethel Island CA 510-684-2122
Desert Shores Marina Desert Shores CA 619-395-5280
Digger Bay Marina Central Valley CA 916-275-3072
Discovery Bay Yacht Harbor Byron CA 510-634-5928
Doc Mirza's Marina Bethel Island CA 510-684-0194
Docktown Marina Redwood City CA 415-365-3258
Dolphin Isle Marina Ft. Bragg CA 707-964-4113
Dolphin Marina Marina Del Rey CA 310-578-6666
Donavon's Marina Bethel Island CA 510-684-3650
Downtown Shoreline Marina Long Beach CA 310-437-0375
Driftwood Marina Antioch CA 510-757-9449
E-Z Landing Eureka CA 707-442-1118
Echo Chalet Echo Lake CA 530-659-7207
Eddos Harbor & RV Park Rio Vista CA 925-757-5314
Embarcadero Cove Marina Oakland CA 510-444-3188
Emerald Cove Resort & Marina Nevada City CA 916-692-3200
Emery Cove Marina Emeryville CA 510-428-0505
Emeryville City Marina Emeryville CA 510-654-6161
Emeryville Marina Emeryville CA 510-596-4340
Encino Yacht Club Alameda CA 510-522-3272
Estrellita Marina Lewiston CA 916-286-2215
Eureka Mooring Basin Eureka CA 707-443-8691
Fallen Leaf Marina Fallen Leaf CA 916-544-0787
Falling Rock Marina & RV Park Bridgeport CA 619-932-7001
Farrar Park Harbor & Dry Dock Bethel Island CA 510-684-2352
Ferndale Resort & Marina Kelseyville CA 707-279-4866
Fifth Avenue Marina Oakland CA 510-834-9810
Fisherman's Village San Diego CA 619-225-1447
Fishermans Wharf San Francisco CA 415-274-0400
Fleitz Brothers Marina San Pedro CA 310-832-0334
Folsom Lake Marina Folsom CA 916-933-1300
Folsom Lake & Granite Bay Folsom CA 916-988-0205
Foredeck Rancho Cordova CA 916-635-1932
Fortman Marina Alameda CA 510-522-9080
Four Seasons Marina West Sacramento CA 916-371-6685
Frank's Marina Bethel Island CA 510-684-2101
Freeport Marina Sacramento CA 916-665-1555
French Gulch Marina Lake Isabella CA 619-379-8774
Garcia Bend Marina Sacramento CA 916-427-9055
Garner's Resort Clearlake CA 707-994-6267
Gilardi's Lakeville Marina Petaluma CA 707-763-1557
Glen Cove Marina Vallejo CA 707-552-3236
Glenhaven Beach Resort & Marina Glenhaven CA 707-998-3406
Glorietta Bay Marina Coronado CA 619-435-5203
Gold Coast Anchorage San Diego CA 619-225-0588
Grand Marina Alameda CA 510-865-1200
Grant Lake Marina June Lake CA 619-648-7964
Grays Landing Big Bear Lake CA 909-866-2443
Greg's Harbor Oakley CA 510-684-2242
Grimes Boat Landing Grimes CA 916-437-2333
Gull Lake Boatlanding June Lake CA 619-648-7539
H & M Landing San Diego CA 619-222-1144
Half Moon Anchorage San Diego CA 619-224-3401
Happy Harbor Isleton CA 916-777-6575
Harbor Club Marina Newport Beach CA 714-642-4644
Harbor Island West Marina San Diego CA 619-291-6443
Harbor Island Yacht Club San Diego CA 619-291-7245
Havasu Landing Resort Havasu Lake CA 619-858-4593
Havasu Palms Parker Dam CA 619-858-4578
Haven Acres Resort Lathrop CA 209-982-5443
Hennis Marina Bethel Island CA 510-684-3333
Herman & Helen's Marina Stockton CA 209-951-4634
Hidden Harbor Walnut Grove CA 916-775-1313
Hidden Harbor Resort Los Molinos CA 916-384-1800
Hilton Inn Docks San Diego CA 619-276-4010
Holiday Harbor II Marina Del Rey CA 310-821-4582
Holiday Harbor III San Pedro CA 310-833-4468
Holiday Harbor IV Wilmington CA 310-835-3952
Holiday Harbor Marina O'Brien CA 916-238-2383
Holland Riverside Marina Brentwood CA 510-684-3667
Holloway's Landing & Marina Big Bear Lake CA 909-866-5706
Homewood High & Dry Marina Homewood CA 916-525-5966
Horizons Charter & Yachting Alameda CA 510-521-5370
Humboldt Bay Harbor District Eureka CA 707-443-0801
Huntington Harbor Marina Huntington Beach CA 714-840-5545
Huntington Harbor Marina Huntington Beach CA 714-840-5545
Huntington Lake Marina Huntington Lake CA 209-893-6750
Intercontinental Hotel & Marina San Diego CA 800-327-0200
Island Park Clearlake Oaks CA 707-998-3940
Island Yacht Anchorage 1 & 2 Wilmington CA 310-830-1111
Islander Marina Marina Del Rey CA 310-823-4593
Islandia Hotel Marina San Diego CA 619-224-1234
Jones Valley Resort & Marina Redding CA 916-275-7950
Jules Resort Clearlake CA 707-994-6591
June Lake Marina June Lake CA 619-648-7726
Juniper Marina Big Bear Lake CA 909-866-2940
Kamp Klamath Klamath CA 707-482-0227
Kappas Marina Sausalito CA 415-332-5510
Kaweah Marina Lemoncove CA 209-597-2526
King Harbor Marina Redondo Beach CA 310-376-6926
King Island Resort Stockton CA 209-951-2188
King Salmon Marina Eureka CA 707-442-3331
King Salmon Resort Klamath CA 707-482-4151
Knotty Pine Resort Lake Almanor CA 916-596-3348
Ko-Ket Resort Isleton CA 916-776-1488
Koehler Kraft Company, Inc. San Diego CA 619-222-9051
Kokanee Lodge Resort Lake Almanor CA 916-596-3215
Kona Marina San Diego CA 619-222-1191
Konocti Harbor Inn Kelseyville CA 707-279-1808
Korth's Pirates Lair Marina Isleton CA 916-777-6464
Ladd's Stockton Marina Stockton CA 209-477-9521
Lake Almanor Resort Lake Almanor CA 916-596-3337
Lake Amador Resort Ione CA 209-274-4739
Lake Arrowhead Yacht Club Lake Arrowhead CA 909-337-0725
Lake Berryessa Marina Napa CA 707-966-2161
Lake Camanche North Ione CA 209-763-5166
Lake Camanche South Wallace CA 209-763-5170
Lake Casitas Marina Ventura CA 805-649-2043
Lake Cove Resort & Marina Canyon Dam CA 916-284-7697
Lake Don Pedro Marina La Grange CA 209-852-2369
Lake Elsinore State Park Marina Lake Elsinore CA 714-674-3177
Lake Haven Resort Westwood CA 916-596-3249
Lake McSwain Marina Snelling CA 209-378-2534
Lake Mendocino Marina Calpella CA 707-485-8644
Lake Merced Boating & Fishing San Francisco CA 415-753-1101
Lake Merritt Sailboat House Oakland CA 510-444-3807
Lake Nacimiento Resort Bradley CA 805-238-3256
Lake Perris Marina Perris CA 909-657-2179
Lake Pillsbury Resort Marina Potter Valley CA 707-743-1581
Lake Piru Marina Piru CA 805-521-1231
Lake Poway Poway CA 619-748-2224
Lake San Antonio Resort Bradley CA 805-472-2311
Lake Siskiyou Campgrounds Mt. Shasta CA 916-926-2610
Lake Skinner Marina Winchester CA 714-926-1505
Lake Sonoma Resort Area Santa Rosa CA 707-526-7272
Lake Success Recreation Area Porterville CA Unknown
Lake Wildwood Association Penn Valley CA 916-432-3260
Lakeland Resort Clearlake CA 707-994-2273
Lakeshore Boat & Dry Storage Lakeport CA 707-263-6746
Lakeshore Resort Quincy CA 916-283-6900
Lakeshore Resort, Inc. Lakehead CA 916-238-2301
Lakeside Marina South Lake Tahoe CA 916-541-6626
Lakeview Marina O'Brien CA 916-223-3003
Lakewood Resort Kelseyville CA 707-279-9450
Lassen View Resort & Marina Lake Almanor CA 916-596-3437
Laurel Street Roadstead San Diego CA 619-291-3900
Lauritzen Yacht Harbor Antioch CA 510-757-1916
Lawson's Landing Dillon Beach CA 707-878-2443
Leeward Bay Marina Wilmington CA 310-830-5621
Lido Yacht Anchorage Newport Beach CA 949-673-9330
Lighthouse Resort & Marina Big Bear City CA 909-866-9464
Lighthouse Yacht Landing Wilmington CA 310-834-9595
Lime Saddle Marina Paradise CA 916-877-2414
Lindbergh Yacht Club San Diego Ca 619-573-9918
Lindquist Landing Marina Brentwood CA 510-684-3631
Little Norway Resort Lake Almanor CA 916-596-3225
Lloyd's Holiday Harbor Antioch CA 510-757-2346
Loch Lomond Marina San Rafael CA 415-454-7228
Loews' Coronado Bay Resort Coronado CA 619-424-4000
Lombardo's Lakeview Resort Sanger CA 209-787-2207
Long Beach Marina Bureau Long Beach CA 310-594-0951
Lopez Lake Marina Arroyo Grande CA 805-489-1006
Lotowana Village Clearlake CA 707-995-0625
Lovey's Landing Meridian CA 916-696-2449
Lowrie Yacht Harbor San Rafael CA 415-454-7595
Lucerne Motel Oakland CA 510-658-5259
MP Boat Slips Company Long Beach CA 562-498-7318
Manley's Resort Napa CA 707-255-8965
Marina Cabo San Lucas Cabo San Lucas B.C.S. MX 52-114-31251
Marina City Club Marina Del Rey CA 310-822-0611
Marina Cortez San Diego CA 619-291-5985
Mariner Cove Marina Bethel Island CA 925-684-2166
Marina Del Rey Hotel Marina Marina Del Rey CA 310-823-4593
Marina Harbor Anchorage Marina Del Rey CA 310-822-6800
Marina Pacifica Homeowners Assn. Long Beach CA 310-598-3323
Marina Plaza Harbor Sausalito CA 415-332-4732
Marina Shipyard Long Beach CA 310-594-0995
Marina Village Marina San Diego CA 619-224-3125
Marina Village Yacht Harbor Alameda CA 510-521-0905
Marinas For Sale Falmouth MA 508-548-3415
Marine Emporium Bethel Island CA 510-684-2330
Mariner Boat Yard Alameda CA 510-521-6100
Mariners Bay Marina Del Rey CA 310-822-2001
Mariners Marina Newport Beach CA 714-645-7100
Mariposa - Hunters Point Yacht Club San Francisco CA 415-495-9344
Markley Cove Resort Winters CA 707-966-2134
Marriott Marina San Diego CA 619-230-8955
Martin's Sherman Marina Rio Vista CA 707-860-5104
Martinez Marina Martinez CA 510-372-3585
Mason's Marina Bodega Bay CA 707-875-3811
Mazikeen's Landing Bethel Island CA 510-684-2476
McArthur - Burney Falls Burney CA 916-335-2777
McAvoy Yacht Harbor Pittsburg CA 510-458-2568
Meditteranean Yachts Santa Ana CA 714-556-8920
Meeks Bay Resort & Marina Meeks Bay CA 916-525-7242
Melone's Poker Flat Resort Copperopolis CA 209-785-2286
Millers Landing Resort Wishon CA 209-642-3633
Millerton Lake Marina Friant CA 209-822-2264
Mission Bay Marina San Diego CA 619-223-5191
Mission Bay Sports Center Mission Beach CA 619-488-1004
Mission Bay Yacht Club San Diego CA 619-488-0501
Mission Creek Harbor Association San Francisco CA 415-621-7483
Mission Rock Resort San Francisco CA 415-621-5538
Moccasin Point Marina Jamestown CA 209-989-2383
Modesto Marina Waterford CA 209-874-1340
Monterey Marina Monterey CA 408-646-3950
Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club Monterey CA 408-372-9686
Morro Bay City Harbor Morro Bay CA 805-772-6254
Morro Bay Fuel Dock Marina Morro Bay CA 805-772-8617
Morro Bay Marina Morro Bay CA 805-772-8085
Morro Bay State Park Morro Bay CA 805-772-8796
Moss Landing Harbor Moss Landing CA 408-633-2461
Mossdale Marina Lathrop CA 209-982-0512
Napa Valley Marina Napa CA 707-252-8011
Naval Training Center Marina San Diego CA 619-524-6498
Navy Yacht Club of Long Beach Long Beach CA 310-547-7285
Navy Yacht Club of San Diego San Diego CA 619-435-8788
Needles Marina Needles CA 619-326-2197
Neptune Marina Marina Del Rey CA 310-823-4555
New Bridge Marina Antioch CA 510-757-1500
New Hogan Marina Valley Springs CA 209-772-1462
New Hope Landing Thornton CA 209-794-2627
New Melones Lake Marina Angels Camp CA 209-785-3300
Newmarks' Yacht Center Wilmington CA 310-834-5016
Newport Dunes Marina Newport Beach CA 714-729-1100
Newport Harbor Yacht Club Balboa CA 714-673-7730
Nice Holiday Harbor Nice CA 707-274-1136
North Tahoe Marina Tahoe Vista CA 916-546-8248
Northshore Campground Chester CA 916-258-3376
Noyo Mooring Basin Ft. Bragg CA 707-964-4719
Oak Bottom Marina Whiskeytown CA 916-359-2269
Oakland Yacht Club Alameda CA 510-522-6868
Oakland, Port of Oakland CA 510-834-4591
Obexer's Boat and Motor Sales Homewood CA 916-525-7962
Oceanside Small Craft Harbor Oceanside CA 619-966-4580
Orwood Resort Brentwood CA 510-634-2550
Outrigger Marina Rio Vista CA 916-777-6480
Owl Harbor Isleton CA 916-777-6055
Oxbow Marina Isleton CA 916-777-6060
Oyster Cove Marina San Francisco CA 415-952-5540
Oyster Point Marina San Francisco CA 415-952-0808
Pacific Corinthian Marina Oxnard CA 805-984-2847
Pacific Marina Alameda CA 510-522-6868
Pacific Yacht Landing Wilmington CA 310-830-0260
Panther Creek Resort Klamath CA 707-482-9921
Paradise Point Marina Stockton CA 209-952-1000
Pardee Lake Resort Ione CA 209-772-1472
Park Moabi Marina Needles CA 619-326-4777
Pelham's Bay Resort Los Molinos CA 916-384-1919
Pelican Harbor Sausalito CA 415-332-0723
Peninsula Marina Redwood City CA 415-369-0869
Peninsula Yacht Anchorage Oxnard CA 805-985-6400
Perez Cove Marine San Diego CA 619-560-0830
Perry's Boat Harbor & Drydock Isleton CA 916-777-6461
Petaluma Marina Petaluma CA 707-778-4489
Pete's Harbor Redwood City CA 415-366-0922
Peter's Landing Marina Huntington Beach CA 714-840-1387
Pier 39 Marina San Francisco CA 415-705-5436
Pier 44 Marina Del Rey CA 310-823-4593
Pierce Harbor Benicia CA 707-745-3222
Pillar Point Harbor Half Moon Bay CA 415-726-5727
Pine Cove Marina Lewiston CA 530-778-3770
Pine Knot Landing Big Bear Lake CA 909-866-9512
Pinecrest Lake Resort Marina Pinecrest CA 209-965-3333
Pittsburg Marina Pittsburg CA 510-439-4958
Pleasure Cove Resort Napa CA 707-966-2172
Pleasure Point Landing Big Bear Lake CA 909-866-2455
Plumas Pines Resort Canyon Dam CA 916-259-2168
Point San Pablo Yacht Club Richmond CA 510-233-3224
Port Calypso Marina Newport Beach CA 714-645-7100
Port Royal Marina Redondo Beach CA 310-376-0431
Port San Luis Harbor District Avila Beach CA 805-595-5400
Port Sonoma - Marin Petaluma CA 707-778-8055
Porto Bodega Marina Bodega Bay CA 707-875-2354
Portobello Marina Oakland CA 510-465-5843
Portofino Hotel & Yacht Club Redondo Beach CA 310-379-8481
Pt. San Pablo Yacht Harbor Pt. Richmond CA 510-233-3224
Putah Creek Resort Napa CA 707-966-2116
Pyramid Lake Enteprises Piru CA 805-521-1231
R & L Fellows Company Terminal Island CA 310-832-4557
Rainbow Resort Isleton CA 916-777-6172
Rancheria Marina Lakeshore CA 209-893-3234
Rancho Marina Isleton CA 916-777-6135
Rancho Monticello Resort Napa CA 707-966-2188
Recreation Plus Trinity Center CA 916-266-3432
Red Hill Marina Calipatria CA 619-348-2310
Redondo Beach Marina Redondo Beach CA 310-374-3481
Redwood City Yacht Harbor Redwood City CA 415-365-1613
Reel In Kelseyville CA 707-277-7276
Richmond Marina Bay Harbor South Richmond CA 510-236-1013
Richmond Yacht Club Richmond CA 510-234-6959
Rio Ramaza Marina Sacramento CA 916-925-5432
River Inn Marine & RV Park Los Molinos CA 916-384-2838
River Land Resort Earp CA 619-663-3733
River Shore Estates Earp CA 619-665-2434
River View Marina Sacramento CA 916-925-4100
Riverbank Marina Sacramento CA 916-922-0720
Riverboat Marina Isleton CA 916-777-6545
Riverside RV Park Klamath CA 707-482-2523
Riviera Blythe Marina Blythe CA 619-922-5350
Rodeo Marina Rodeo CA 510-799-4435
Rollins Lake Resort Colfax CA 916-346-2837
Russos Marina Bethel Island CA 925-684-2024
Ruth Lake Marina Mad River CA 707-574-6524
San Leandro Yacht Club San Leandro CA 510-351-3102
SMYC Marina Marina Del Rey CA 310-301-6535
Sacramento City Marina Sacramento CA 916-449-5712
San Leandro Yacht Club San Leandro CA 510-351-3102
Sherwood Harbor Marina & RV Park West Sacramento CA 916-371-3174
Stockton Sailing Club Stockton CA 209-951-5600
The Boatyard Marina Del Rey CA 310-823-8964
The Cove Marina & Apartments Tiburon CA 415-388-4646
The Dock Club at Pine Knot Landing Big Bear Lake CA 909-866-6463
Treasure Isle Marina Treasure Island San Francisco CA 415-981-2416
Ventura Isle Marina Ventura CA 805-644-5858


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