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Admiralty Law Personal Injury Lawsuits

“We give you an insiders view of Admiralty Law.  We don’t sugar coat it for you. Here, we give it to you straight. No lawyer talk, no double talk. Just good old fashioned, unsweetened truth.”  California Admiralty Lawyer - Bill Turley

 Nothing is more important than your credibility with the judge. You must always tell the truth. Every case had good or bad facts. You need to be up front and honest with your lawyer about everything. Always tell the truth. Always, no matter what it is you might be worried about.

If a judge thinks you are not being honest, you will have your case dismissed. I have witnessed it many times in court due to one white lie.  You must always be honest and truthful about your injury.

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Why Fantastic Ratings, Awards, Teaching, and Leadership Are A Benefit To You

We don’t mean to suggest the only way someone can be a really good California Admiralty lawyer is to have fantastic ratings, win prestigious lawyer awards, be asked to teach other lawyers at lawyer seminars and be elected to lead lawyer organizations. What these things do mean is that people that do know good lawyers from bad lawyers have chosen us for these honors.


What is Admiralty Law?

Admiralty Law is the law of the Sea. Admiralty Law is, in fact, the “federal common law.” Meaning, that much of U.S. Admiralty law was created by the courts. Including, the issue of admiralty jurisdiction.

That being said, admiralty law also is comprised of a series of statutes (Jones Act, Longshore Act, Death on the High Seas Act, Suits in Admiralty Act, for example).

“Maritime law” is usually  used interchangeably with “admiralty law”.  Admiralty law in personal injury refers to the laws and regulations that deal with injures and accidents that occur at sea, mutiny and other crimes aboard ship, alleged violations of the rules of the sea.   In order for admiralty law to apply there must involve navigable waters.  

What are Navigable Waters?

You need to learn  whether your injury occurred on the "navigable waters of the United States." Navigable waters is a term of art which is usually defined as a waterway from which a vessel can travel either to the ocean or from one state to another. The following waters are all considered to be "navigable waters of the United States":

The great ports along the Pacific Coast (San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Wilmington, San Pedro and San Diego Harbor) to the deep inland Delta channels (Sacramento, Stockton, and the California Delta) to the extremely shallow Colorado river (Avi, Parker Strip, Lake Havasu, Blythe, Martinez Lake, Yuma). California’s coast is dotted with small inlets, channels, and marinas. (Crescent City, to Santa Cruz to Santa Barbara, to Power Hueneme, Ventura, Marina del Rey, Newport Harbor, Dana Point, Oceanside Harbor, Chula Vista). And we can’t leave out Lake Tahoe.

Navigable waters  include territorial and international waters. For example, you were injured on a cruise from say, Los Angeles to Mexico.


Admiralty Personal Injury Lawsuits

Bringing an admiralty personal injury lawsuits means that admiralty law will dictate your case. Admiralty law is comprised of statutes and what is called general maritime law.

Even if you bring your admiralty case in State court (which is oftentimes advisable for many different reasons); admiralty law will be applied to your case.


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This website provides information to folks in boating accidents/ maritime accidents, Longshore and harbor workers and  injured Jones Act Seaman and their families. Our goal is to level the playing field between people seriously injured in admiralty accidents and insurance companies. We expose the tricks, traps, and techniques they use to cheat injured Seaman out of their legal rights. We provide vital information so you can make informed decisions regarding your  Admiralty case.


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