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When is the right time to contact an attorney about my Defense Base Act case?

If You Have Questions About a Defense Base Act Injury, Then it’s Already the Right Time to Reach Out to an Attorney

In an ideal world, injured civilian contractors would have an attorney working as a personal ally from the first second they are injured. In reality, many contractors end up waiting until problems arise or mistakes have already been made. Many contractors are uninformed about their rights or unaware of the potential pitfalls that come with a Defense Base Act (DBA) claim, and it’s just too easy to make mistakes or fall for tricks that can wreck a case before it even gets started. As soon as you are hurt, it becomes your responsibility to:

  • Adhere to procedures and deadlines
  • Make the right choices for you and your family
  • Recognize and avoid tricks, traps, and common mistakes in dealing with the insurance company
  • Collect solid evidence that will help you support and prove your claim

Without an attorney to help you understand your rights and the intricacies of the legal process, it’s hard to stand up to your employer and insurance adjusters who have likely been preparing a defense against your injury claim since the day you were hurt. Ultimately, if you have questions about a Defense Base Act injury, then it’s already the right time to reach out to an experienced attorney who can give you honest answers.

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by the legal process after you’ve been injured while working as a civilian contractor. Request your free copy of our book, Win Your Defense Base Act Case, and start taking control of your claim today.


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