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Are overseas K9 handlers entitled to Defense Base Act benefits?


Canine (often called K9) handlers are often required for military services that are too dangerous for human personnel or require the specialized detection services of a trained dog. Canine services can be incredibly beneficial to overseas operations; however, they K9 Handler and His Caninecarry a number of injury risks.

K9 handlers who are under military contracts to work overseas are entitled to Defense Base Act protection, including those who are involved in:

  • Narcotics detection. Many K9 contractors working abroad provide narcotics detection services. Dog handlers may be entrusted with discovering illegal drugs at checkpoints, in airports, and in other high-risk areas.
  • Explosive detection. Contractors working as bomb detection agents in unstable regions such as Afghanistan face a significant risk of bodily harm. Security work may involve detecting, handling, and exposure to explosive devices, and potential detonation presents a constant threat of loss of limb and sudden death.
  • Defense and security. Canines may be used for defense in high threat environments and can be trained to spot, flush, attack, and detain individuals.
  • Training. Handlers may be required to assist in training and testing dogs on certain protocols (such as detection and attacking decoys), as well as selecting working canines for specialized use.

Injury and Disability Claims May Arise From K9 Work

Handlers who are covered by the DBA are entitled to compensation for their injuries, but also an additional amount if they are unable to work. If you have been unable to work since your accident, you may be entitled to temporary total disability benefits. Learn more about filing a claim in our free guide, Win Your Defense Base Act Case.


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