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Does it really matter if I’m an “independent contractor” or an “employee” as a delivery driver?


If you don’t understand the real difference between your rights as an “independent contractor” and your rights as a “full employee,” it’s easy to think it doesn’t matter all that much. However, as a lot of drivers who have worked as “independent contractors” can tell you, it actually matters a lot. And, if you are unfortunate enough to be working for an employer that calls you an “independent contractor” when you should be an employee, the difference can mean thousands of dollars in pay that you’re missing out on. 

Why Does it Matter How Drivers Are Classified by Their Employers in California?

You classification status is more than just an administrative formality—it determines how you get paid for the work you do. While drivers who are classified as employees enjoy a number of protections under the law, independent contractors generally are not paid for all the time they work, including:

Additionally, they don’t get workers’ compensation, protected meal and rest breaks, and other important employee rights. If you end up misclassified, the long and short of it is that you could be owed a lot of money in unpaid wages and other damages. This may be true even if you signed an agreement or contract calling you an independent contractor, as long as it can be proven that you did not meet the requirements for exemption.

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Working Hard for the Rest of Us

When it comes to California Truck and Delivery drivers, there is no one who works harder then these men and women. They provide for the rest of us and they bust their butts while their doing it.

And the one thing that ticks me off more then anything, is seeing these hard working folks like yourself getting ripped off by the companies they work for.

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