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Does the Jones Act cover broken ropes and lines?


There are many ways lines, rigging, and other unsecured ropes and ties can cause serious injuries aboard ship—and can even prove fatal to a seaman. Defective or misused ropes and lines can cause injuries in many ways and could constitute negligence under the Jones Act if:

  • A new rope was not tested before use.
  • A smaller rope was substituted for doing the work of a much heavier rope.
  • Taut lines or rigging caused garroting, clotheslining, or other injuries.
  • Defective, worn, or frayed ropes caused sudden accidents.
  • Rigging or lines caused a seaman to fall overboard.
  • The recoil of broken lines resulted in injuries.
  • Seamen tripped over nets, lines, or rope coils left on deck.
  • Failure to secure or slack off mooring lines caused injuries.
  • The captain or ship owner was aware of the danger when using a line and failed to inform seaman of the potential for injury.

Why Should I Have My Accident Investigated?

Some seamen neglect to pursue their accident cases after they begin collecting their Jones Act maintenance and cure. While it is understandable that workers who have recouped the costs of their medical treatment and lost wages are eager to heal and move on, many employees may have their benefits discontinued before they are able to work. By the time they consider filing a negligence claim, most of the evidence in their case has been lost or destroyed, forcing them to accept less than their case is worth.

If you are suffering from a serious injury, you should speak to a maritime injury attorney to investigate the circumstances of your claim as soon as possible. Feel free to use this website to learn more about Jones Act cases and to find out what constitutes negligence aboard ship.

Jones Act Seaman

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“When I seek out professional advice, I don’t want B.S., I want it straight up. I figure you do also.”

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