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Is piece-rate pay always in violation of the laws that protect California drivers?


“Piece-rate pay” means that you get paid “per piece” at work—in other words, you get paid by the delivery, load, or mile. While this is a pretty common way for drivers in California to get paid for their work, the truth is that it’s fairly rare that these piece-rate pay structures fall in line with the law.

For example, drivers are owed their rightful pay for every minute they spend performing work duties, and the law is pretty clear about what kinds of work count. While an employer may tell you that you only get paid for the time you’re actually on the road or when you make a certain number of deliveries, the law recognizes all the work drivers are asked to perform. This includes all the time you spend taking care of your truck, going through inspections, waiting, fueling up and more.

However, if you have questions about whether or not your employer might be breaking the law when it comes to your wages, you shouldn’t rely on generalities or basic information. The easiest way to get the specific answers you need is to talk over the details directly with an attorney who has successfully worked on cases of driver wage theft before and can help you understand your rights.

If you’re still investigating your options or aren’t ready to talk with an attorney yet, you can also start learning more with a completely free copy of our book, California Truck & Delivery Driver Wage Theft: The Ultimate Straight Talk Guide to Getting Your Hard Earned Wages Back.


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“When I seek out professional advice, I don’t want B.S. I want it straight up, with no double talk. I figure you do also. I always use plain English, with no sugarcoating, no B.S. lawyer talk, and no double talk just old fashioned, unsweetened, unvarnished truth-just the way that I would want it.” -Bill Turley

When it comes to California Truck and Delivery drivers, there is no one who works harder than these men and women. They provide for the rest of us and they bust their butts while they're doing it. 

And the one thing that ticks me off more than anything, is seeing these hard working folks like yourself getting ripped off by the companies they work for. When it comes to handling your California Truck & Delivery Driver Wage Theft Class Action Lawsuit, always tell the truth. Always stay honest. Nothing is more important than your credibility.

I recommend you read my free book, California Truck and Delivery Driver Wager Theft: The Ultimate Straight Talk Guide To Getting Your Hard Earned Wages Back. It is full of useful information to help you earn your money back. 

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William Turley
“When I seek out professional advice, I don’t want B.S., I want it straight up. I figure you do also.”

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