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Are personal bodyguards covered by the Defense Base Act?

Yes If Employed Under Military Contract

Most military operations rely on outside contractors. From driving trucks to interpreting languages, contractors play a necessary and Serviceman Wearing Chest Protection and Dog Tagsessential role in overseas operations—and many of these contractors will be injured while performing their duties. Generals, diplomats, and other visitors to unstable countries will often hire private contractors as personal security. Many of these bodyguards and security specialists are covered under the Defense Base Act (DBA) if they are employed under a military contract.

Generally speaking, the DBA acts as a workers’ compensation system, allowing contractors and subcontractors who are performing overseas work for the U.S. to collect payments for medical bills and lost wages after an injury.

Due to the extreme nature of military working conditions, bodyguards are often at risk of severe and violent injuries in the course of their work, including:

  • Personal attacks. Bodyguards are paid to get between their employers and any potential danger, including snipers, armed guards, and assassins, making gunfights and knife wounds a daily risk.
  • Death. Many security specialists will be killed on the job due to ambushes, explosions from road mines or rocket-propelled grenades, snipers, or other hostile activity.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Even after a bodyguard returns home, he can still suffer psychological injuries as a result of his time overseas. Many civilians or former military servicemen will cope with stress, anxiety, depression, or PTSD as a result of their time spent protecting others overseas.

Could I Collect DBA Benefits?

Employees under military contracts can collect payments under the DBA regardless of their nationality or job title—and if a contractor is killed, his family is entitled to benefits. 


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