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“Only plain English, with no sugarcoating, no B.S. lawyer talk, and no double talk - just old fashioned, unsweetened, unvarnished truth - just the way that I want it when I seek professional advice.”   San Francisco Wage and Hour Lawyer - Bill Turley

San Francisco  Wage and Hour Lawyer I San Francisco Overtime Attorney I San Francisco Unpaid Wages Lawyer I San Francisco Meal Period Attorney I San Francisco Class Action Lawyer

Bill Turley is California’s Wage and Hour Super Lawyer

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Are You Going To Be A Silent Victim When Your Employer Steals Your Hard Earned Wages?

You work hard for you money. It is difficult to make ends meet.  It is unfair when your employer does not pay you what they owe you. When this happens you can be a silent victim or you can protect your rights.  

This website  provides great free information to San Francisco workers  and their families. Our goal is to level the playing field between San Francisco workers and employers. We  expose the  tricks, traps, and ripoffs San Francisco employers  use to cheat folks - just like you -  out of their hard earned money.  

Our San Francisco Wage and Hour Lawyers provide vital wage and hour information. We help you get your pay when you don’t receive fair overtime, meal periods, rest periods, vacation pay, piece-rate pay, termination pay and the like.

Hire The Best

We are the leading San Francisco  Wage and Hour Lawyers, San Francisco Overtime Attorneys and Unpaid Wages Lawyers.  Bill Turley has been repeatedly awarded Super Lawyer and has the Higest Avvo.com Rating.  He teaches other laweyrs wage and hour law.

Bill is  Plaintiff’s counsel in California’s largest wage and hour case. In 2012, the California Supreme Court issued a huge decision in Brinker v. Superior Court.  This case has changed the law for every hourly employee in California. Last week in court the Brinker lawyer said that there were 120,000 class members.  Bill is class counsel for all 120,000 Brinker employees.  

Today, Bill represent hundreds of thousands of California employees, just like you. In all types of industries. From drivers, to restaurant workers, to security guards to automotive technicians and many more.  Today, Bill and his firm are California’s leading wage and hour lawyers.

Bill's Case Changed California Law

Bill's case - Brinker v. Superior court change the law in California. The California Supreme Court in the Brinker case held, an employer's duty with respect to meal breaks is only satisfies if the employer:

        1.     Relieves its employees of all duty,
        2.     Relinquishes control over their activities and
        3.     Permits them a reasonable opportunity to take an uninterrupted 30-minute break, and
        4.     Does not impede or discourage them from doing so.  Or provide an incentive to forgo.

Since then, in our cases we have found time after time where employers violate these standards as laid down in our case - Brinker v. Superior Court.


California Overtime Laws

Under California wage and hour laws, nonexempt employees are entitled to overtime pay - when you work more than 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week. This is  one and one-half times your regular rate of pay. Our San Francisco Overtime Attorneys can help you protect your legal rights.


It Is Time To Get Even

I call it the joy of math. An hour’s pay here and an hours pay there and the money you are owed can and does real start to add up.  Our clients are often amazed at how quickly the unpaid wages they are owed add up into significant amounts of unpaid wages.

Fact is, your employer is getting rich over ripping off folks just like you. They live in big houses, drive fancy cars and live big. At your expense. Is this fair?  What do you think? We can help you even up the score, so to speak.  We can help you level the playing field. We can help you get your hard earned money back.

After all if you stole from your employer, you would probably go to jail. When your employer steals your wages, it is just doing business.  I am not suggesting that you should steal. Far from it. I am merely suggesting that you should get your money back when your employer steals from you. It is only fair. It is what California law allows.

So, when you employer has stolen your money - are you going to sit back and take it - or are you to stand up for your rights?


Bill and his firm can help you to

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William Turley
“When I seek out professional advice, I don’t want B.S., I want it straight up. I figure you do also.”
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