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Raytheon, the Defense Base Act, and Getting the DBA Benefits You Deserve

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Raytheon, the Defense Base Act, and Getting the DBA Benefits You Deserve

 “Truth is what works.” -  William James

Raytheon: Defense Base Act - Getting DBA Benefits - Leading Defense Base Act Lawyer - Bill Turley


Raytheon and The Defense Base Act

I practice Defense Base Act law. As far as representation of seriously injured overseas civilian contractors goes, my firm is one of the top two largest law firms in the world.

We represent injured Raytheon employees that are injured overseas. If this is you, I suggest you listen up.

It isn't so simple (this whole "truth" thing)

Don't Think this is Going to be as Simple as it Seems - It's All about Telling the Truth

Before I go into the details about Raytheon, I must tell you the most important thing is your credibility. The one thing that can determine whether you are going to win or lose your DBA case is whether the Judge believes you or not. If the Judge believes you, you will probably win your case. Alternately, if the Judge doesn’t believe you, you will—in all probability—lose your DBA case. Seems simple, but it can be pretty complicated.

This is why it is so important for you to tell the truth about everything. You’ve heard the saying: “don’t sweat the small stuff”. Terrible advice for a DBA case because the “small stuff” can affect your credibility at trial. That is exactly what the company lawyers will use to try and win the case against you.

That is why I highly advise you to read my book: Win Your Defense Base Act Case. My book has dozens of 5 Star reviews on Amazon. You can go to Amazon and pay good money for the book, or you can order a free copy from this website. The only request I have is after you read the book that you go to Amazon and leave a review, so you can “spread the word” so to speak, to other folks like you, civilian contractors who are seriously injured overseas.

Win Your Defense Base Act Case goes through—in detail—all the “small stuff” the DBA insurance company lawyer is going to do to try and derail your DBA case. In short, all the tricks and traps they use to beat you and your case in court.

Telling the truth: I know I keep hammering at that, seems simple but it is anything but. It really is all the “small stuff” (that well-meaning folks don’t think of) that ends up costing you dearly on an otherwise legitimate case.

Click here for Defense Base Act podcast!

Raytheon and the DBA

Let’s talk about Raytheon and The Defense Base Act

According to their website, Raytheon “is deeply committed to global partnerships, providing solutions and services to valued customers in 80 countries, and building upon international relationships to best meet the national security and technology needs of nations around the world.”

They go on, “Raytheon provides state-of-the-art electronics, mission systems integration and other capabilities in the areas of sensing; effects; and command, control, communications and intelligence systems; as well as a broad range of mission support services.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, “Raytheon reported net profit of $704 million for the second quarter, compared with $503 million a year earlier, with per-share earnings rising to $2.38 from $1.65 as sales rose 3% to $6 billion.”

You know what? I don't doubt that any of this is true. It's probably all true.

What I Do Know is Folks Like You Are The Heart and Soul of Raytheon

And what else is true is that without its employees, Raytheon wouldn't be the company that it is. That is, the men and women that do the day to day work at Raytheon. These are my clients. You folks are the heart and soul of Raytheon.

I Don't Pull Punches

If you want beating around the bush, you have come to the wrong place. If you want brutal, frank truth, no matter what - stick around. Check out our stuff.


The Defense Base Act

The Defense Base Act (DBA) was created in 1941, The DBA expanded the federal workers' compensation program for longshore and harbor workers, to cover persons working on American military bases abroad as well as to most federal contractors working outside of the United States.

The DBA requires that many federal government contractors and subcontractors provide workers' compensation insurance for their employees who work outside of the United States.

If you are injured while working overseas for Raytheon, then your injury probably falls under the Defense Base Act.

Again, I strongly recommend you read my book Win Your Defense Base Act Case before you sign any forms, give any statements, talk to the adjuster or even hire the wrong DBA Lawyer.

A San Diego Defense Base Act Lawyer?

It’s a fact, I am known for being blunt and straight-up. I tell like it is. No legal mumbo-jumbo. No lawyer talk. Ever.

In all probability, I’m located a long way from where you live. I am based in San Diego, California.

The Defense Base Act falls under the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act. I have been handling Longshore Act cases since 1987. With thousands of shipyard workers, San Diego has the largest shipyard on the West Coast. I gained valuable experience with these cases long before the United States sent civilian workers to Iraq and Afghanistan.

There are many former military types that went to Iraq and Afghanistan that returned to San Diego and California with serious DBA injuries. In addition, many linguists are from California. When they needed help with their Defense Base Act cases they hired my law firm. I have offices in San Diego, Oakland, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Bakersfield.

We represent DBA workers from across America and from around the world. Defense Base Act cases are what we do.

Today, my law firm represents more Defense Base Act workers than any other law firm on the West Coast. I am told by folks that know, my law firm is one of the top two largest DBA law firms in the world that represents injured overseas contractors.


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Bill Turley


William Turley
“When I seek out professional advice, I don’t want B.S., I want it straight up. I figure you do also.”
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