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Defense Base Act Coverage for Local Nationals Killed or Injured on the Job

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Defense Base Act Coverage for Local Nationals

There are many types of workers that will go into a single overseas effort. Private military contractors rely on soldiers as well as civilians, but often need specialized employees who know the area and can allow smooth communication between the two groups. For this reason, local nationals remain an important asset for overseas workers, so it is only natural to include them under the protection of the Defense Base Act.

Whether you are working inside a base translating coded messages or accompanying soldiers on dangerous missions or working in the mess hall, local nationals perform a number of jobs for the benefit of the U.S., including:

  • Truck drivers. Travel in occupied or unstable countries is a perilous undertaking. Many U.S. citizens have been kidnapped, ambushed, or killed by roadside bombs while working overseas. A native driver in more likely to be aware of road conditions, available shortcuts, and nearby safe havens to outrun potential threats.
  • Personal protection. Employing a local to provide close protection has many benefits, including sending a message to potential threat sources and getting an inside look at the areas high-level operatives must visit. However, even the strongest security guards are human, and can be injured in the line of duty or while keeping physically fit.
  • Translators. Linguists are often called upon to translate for military and non-military endeavors overseas, and these translators face the same threats as their defensively-trained coworkers. Translators, interpreters, and other linguists have been killed while working in Iraq and Afghanistan, leaving their families with no source of income (and often without the death benefits they are owed).
  • Mess hall workers.  Many local nationals work in jobs that help support the U.S.military and the overseas civilian contractors. These workers suffer all kind of injuries.  If you are injured while lifting something heavy, fall down or are injured by enemy fire - you are covered by the DBA.

How Can Local Nationals Collect Defense Base Act Benefits?

If you were injured in the course of your duties to a U.S. contractor, your injuries should be covered under the Defense Base Act. However, the DBA provides slightly different coverage for foreign nationals. You may need help to get the payment you deserve. 

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