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DBA Claimants Are Entitled To The Best Medical Treatment

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The first thing you must do is always tell the truth. No matter what it is you are worried about, you must always be honest and never sugarcoat anything to the judge or your attorney. If you do, then you will lose your case. Trust me, I have seen it time and time again. Do not be that person.

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Gulf War Syndrome

A mysterious disorder, Gulf War Syndrome, has been stumping physicians ever since veterans and civilian contractors have been returning returned from Desert Storm in 1991. Medical professionals are still not certain what caused the illness in veterans and civilian contractors; some physicians are skeptical whether the disorder exists at all. Recently, however, a University of California San Diego (UCSD) physician discovered a medical breakthrough, and found a potential treatment option for the perplexing disorder.

Gulf War Syndrome is a disorder that affects hundreds of thousands of Gulf War veterans and civilian contractors. According to The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), veterans have been experiencing a broad range of negative symptoms since their return from the Kuwait and Iraq area. Symptoms include: muscle aches and pain, memory loss, headaches, indigestion, and fatigue. Unfortunately, the disorder is extremely difficult to categorize, and scientists and physicians have struggled to find a treatment ever since symptoms have been on the rise.

Physicians are under the common conjecture that Gulf War Syndrome is likely the result of certain factors veterans were exposed to in the war area. For example, pesticides, war chemicals, regularly utilized anthrax vaccines, and other chemicals in the air the veterans breathed, digested, or swallowed. Doctors have not been able to pinpoint a direct cause, also making treatment quite tricky.

Despite the confusion and skepticism, a UCSD physician recently made a connection between Gulf War Syndrome and a potential treatment: mitochondria. She found that a mitochondria pill helps mitigate negative symptoms by boosting cell energy in veterans suffering from Gulf War Syndrome. The VA has acknowledged the disorder and the mitochondria treatment study.

The VA often deals with and diagnoses Gulf War Syndrome, but never knew how to treat it. Now that a treatment has been recognized, veterans may soon have access to mitochondria pills as a treatment. Since the VA recognized mitochondria pills as a treatment, it may be offered to veterans.

Similarly, overseas civilian contractors that are diagnosed with Gulf War Syndrome should have the availability of this treatment option. If you worked in these areas - including in Afghanistan - and suffer from these symptoms, then perhaps your treating physician should consider this diagnosis and treatment options.

The DBA is a workers compensation program that supports people who have worked for the United States defense bases overseas. One of the DBA's primary purposes is to help provide treatment for those injured during their employment overseas, like with Gulf War Syndrome. Under the DBA, you are entitled to treatment for all injuries and/or illnesses that are linked to your working overseas - including Gulf War Syndrome.

The great news here is that medical professionals are working hard to help, aid, and treat this disease that was caused due to working in these war zones. Up until recently, Gulf War Syndrome has been a medical mystery in regards to the cause, treatment, and symptoms. Yet, the future proves brighter for treating veterans and civilian contractors that suffer from Gulf War Syndrome.

For more information on the Defense Base Act and Gulf War Syndrome.

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“When I seek out professional advice, I don’t want B.S., I want it straight up. I figure you do also.”
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