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DBA Straight Talk - How to stop being hassled with a Defense Base Act claim

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"No lawyer-talk, no double-talk."  Defense Base Act Lawyer - Bill Turley 

Defense Base Act Attorney Straight Talk - Bill Turley

I didn't sign up for this

Let's start from the beginning.  You didn't sign up for this.  When you took the job as an overseas civilian contractor you didn't expect to be laid up and/or stuck with a Defense Base Act claim.  This is the last thing you may have expected. You didn't sign up for all the hassles that come with a court case.  Now you have to deal with an insurance adjuster, claim forms, paper work, doctors and the like.  Not to mention a wrecked home life due to having your pay stopped and being injured and all the things that come with that. 

You are injured and getting crap from about every direction.  With all of this going on, now you have to worry about getting the proper medical treatment and the DBA compensation that you deserve. It is all a royal pain, to say the least. 

What next? 

No, you didn't sign up for this.  But nevertheless, here you are. What next? 

Let me start from the top.  I am all about straight talk.  Most folks don't like to deal with lawyers because they think they are going to get ripped off, taken advantage of, cheated, screwed and/or all of the above.  Based upon what I have seen in my legal career - - I don't blame you one bit.  

Fact is, when you are taking it from all directions - - like you are right now, you are in a vulnerable situation.  Life sucks. The last thing you need to do is have to deal with a lawyer. I get it.  

Stuck between and rock and a hard place 

Problem is, you are stuck between a rock and a hard place.  The rock is the DBA insurance company.  The DBA insurance company adjusters and sharks for lawyers are going to chew you up and spit you out.  They do it every day. It's how they roll.  They take advantage of well meaning folks that don't know squat about the law and protecting their legal rights. 

The hard place - lawyers 

The hard place is that you are going to have to hire a lawyer to win your DBA case.  Finding a lawyer that you can trust and feel comfortable with is hard under any circumstances. It is even harder when you need to hire a lawyer that is probably located not anywhere near when you live. 

If you are seriously injured - you are going to have to hire a lawyer.  You need to hire the very best, honest Defense Base Act lawyer that you can find that will agree to take your case.  Which is not quite as easy as it may first appear.  Read on. 

You need a really good DBA lawyer to take on the DBA insurance company and win the benefits you deserve.  I would like to tell you different, but the fact is that you are going to need to lawyer up.  

The DBA is part of maritime law.  It is an extension of the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act.  It is a legal specialty that relatively very few lawyers have much experience with.  Chances are the lawyer down the street or any lawyers in your town or even State don't know how to successfully win these types of cases. 

Even worse, I see all sorts of Internet websites for lawyers that call themselves "Defense Base Act lawyers" that probably have not handled more than a dozen (if that) DBA cases in their entire career.  I know, what the.... 

Your next step 

The single most important decision you are going to make is what lawyer to hire for your DBA case.  My suggestion is that you take advantage of the free book that I wrote  Win Your Defense Base Act Case: The Ultimate Straight Talk Roadmap to The Medical Treatment and Money You and Your Family Deserve. 

Here is the deal.  I am selective in the DBA cases I take.  I can't possible represent every seriously injured civilian contractor. So I wrote a book that I give away as a public service.  This is a real book - not some cheesy sales brochure.  It walks you through all the do's and don'ts on how to handle your DBA case.  I get too many calls from folks that have somehow tanked their case.  That does not and should not be you and your family.  

My strong suggestion is that you get a copy of my book before you speak to the adjuster, sign any forms or even hire a lawyer.  Even if you have done any of this - you should still order a free copy.  

I originally complied all the information in the book over the years for my own clients - - then I decided to put it all in one book.  I give the book to my clients to read.  Because the better informed you are - the better result you will get.  Then, after having so many folks call me after they had their cases tanked by a so called "DBA Lawyer" - I decided to give the book away free.  

What you are going to see is that that you have a much better chance of winning your case, if you don't screw it up to begin with.  Some times I can fix bad mistakes and sometimes I can't. It is much better if you don't make mistakes to begin with. 

Why should I listen to you? 

This is a good question. It is a question that I would be asking if I were you.

I am from San Diego California. I started my career representing longshoreman, shipyard workers and maritime workers here in San Diego. The Defense Base Act is an extension of the Longshore Act - which is part of Maritime law.  The ex-military types in San Diego were heavily recruited by the overseas civilian contractors. When they started coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan with serious injuries, they were referred to me.  In addition, there are a large number of linguists and translators from California which were also referred to me. 

It is my understanding that I have the largest DBA law firm on the West Coast and one of the top three largest Defense Base Act law firms in the world.  I have been handling these case for years.  My office has handled hundreds - if not thousands of DBA claims.  We don't handle DBA claims on the side.  We specialize in Defense Base Act cases.  We have cases with all the DBA insurance companies and we represent folks that live all across the U.S.A. and the world.  

A final word of advice 

With any court case, your credibility is always at issue. In fact, the better case that you have, the more likely the DBA insurance company is going to attack you personally.  It may be their only defense. Because of this - you must always tell the truth.  Don't fudge, exaggerate and/or embellish anything. I explain all of this in my book. In the meantime, remember this - always, always tell the truth with your DBA claim. 

Disclaimer: Please understand these discussions and/or examples are not legal advice. All legal situations are different. This testimonial, endorsement and/or discussion does not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter, your particular case/ situation and/or this particular case/ situation. Thanks, Bill Turley

William Turley
“When I seek out professional advice, I don’t want B.S., I want it straight up. I figure you do also.”
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