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Case Study - Vaccine in Afghanistan - Guillain-Barre Syndrome

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defense base act vaccine act and guillain barre syndrome

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Defense Base Act,  Vaccine Act  and Guillain-Barre Syndrome

If you contract Guillain-Barre Syndrome and you are a civilian contractor, you might wonder whether you have a case under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (“Vaccine Act”).  This is a reoccurring issue in our office. Thus, I thought it would a good topic for a post.

The Vaccine Act allows recovery for pain and suffering, while the Defense Base Act does not.  And the Vaccine Act allows full wage loss and the DBA only allows limited wage loss. Thus, there is a huge difference between the amount of money that can be recovered under the Vaccine Act and the DBA.


What is Guillain-Barre syndrome?

Guillain-Barre syndrome is a serious disorder that occurs when the body's defense (immune) system mistakenly attacks part of the nervous system. This leads to nerve inflammation that causes muscle weakness and other symptoms.


Vaccine shots in Afghanistan

In a recent case a civilian contractor developed Guillain-Barre Syndrome after they had received a flu vaccine. In this case the civilian contractor worked for Fluor in Afghanistan as a site manager.

He received influenza vaccine, and his second vaccinations of MMR and varicella. The flu vaccine was a requirement by DOD and was distributed at a Fluor clinic at Bagram Airfield, The immunizations were provided at Fluor’s expense

He began to experience weakness and numbness in his extremities and was diagnosed in the Philippines of having Guillain-Barre Syndrome.  


Not entitled to  Vaccine Act compensation

The court determine that the civilian contractor was not entitled to Vaccine Act compensation for several reasons:

First, because he did not return to the United States within 6 months of receiving the vaccine unless they are a member of the Armed Forces or a federal employee. In this case, he went to the Philippines. Second, he is not a member of the Armed Forces or a federal employee, and the Vaccine Act does not broadly interpret “employee” to include civilian contractors.

Thus, the Vaccine Act claim was denied.


Defense Base Act compensation

However, the Claimant has a strong Defense Base Act case - with a much lesser amount that can be recovered.



William Turley
“When I seek out professional advice, I don’t want B.S., I want it straight up. I figure you do also.”
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