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Occupational Diseases Such As Lung Injuries, Pulmonary Injuries, and Asthma Are Covered Under the Defense Base Act

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Will the Defense Base Act cover the costs of lung conditions, lung injuries, pulmonary conditions, breathing problems and the like?

Find out if you qualify for payments for occupational diseases incurred overseas.

Those of you that follow this website, realize that we are one of the top two largest Defense Base Act law firms in the world that represents seriously injured overseas civilian contractors.  We have three main things that we focus on telling folks.

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The Defense Base Act and lung injuries, pulmonary conditions, asthma and the like

When most people think of work injuries, they imagine a traumatic even that results in a visit to the emergency room. However, workers are just as likely to suffer health problems as a result of the daily demands of their work—and these problems can eventually become serious medical conditions.

Occupational disease is the common term for illnesses and medical problems that are caused by exposure in the workplace. Asthma, lung injuries, lung conditions, pulmonary disease, and other conditions due to harmful substances or conditions at work are considered forms of occupational disease.

What All Contractors Should Know About DBA Benefits for Occupational Disease

If you contracted an occupational injury or illness, the first thing you should do is notify your employer. If your employer does not respond by paying compensation, you should file a claim for benefits with the Longshore District Office. Your claim should include a brief overview of your work history as well as diagnosis and doctors’ reports of your medical condition. You do not have to wait to seek medical treatment for your occupational illness, and you are allowed to choose whatever doctor you want to treat your illness.

However, you should consult with a honest DBA lawyer before you do any of this.

Here are a few things employees need to know about DBA coverage for occupational illness:

  • Who qualifies for benefits? You are entitled to compensation if your occupational illness has prevented you from working, has resulted in lost wages, or you are the survivor of a worker who died of complications caused by occupational disease. Workers may receive benefits for occupational diseases while they are still employed or after they have retired.
  • How long do I have to file a claim? Many occupational diseases do not present symptoms until months or years after workplace exposure occurs. In most cases, employees have two years from the date their condition is diagnosed to file a claim for injury compensation. However, there is no time limit to file a claim for medical benefits; as long as you can prove a link between your workplace and your injury, your employer should pay for the medical costs of your condition.
  • Which employer pays my benefits? Benefits should be paid by the employer  where you were last exposed to the conditions that caused your injury. If your condition could have been caused in multiple workplaces, a good DBA lawyer can investigate your claim to determine which employer is responsible for your injury payments.
  • What do to when they deny my DBA claim?  Chances are the DBA insurance company will deny your claim.  Whether they deny or accept your claim, it's time to lawyer up.  Spend your time finding the best honest DBA lawyer that will take your case. You want a lawyer that is the best - not the lawyer that may be near where you live.  It can be the same lawyer - but chances are - the best lawyer may not be located near where you live.

It is not uncommon for past employers to deny causing injury, leaving workers no choice but to take legal action against them. Read through our free DBA Resource Guide for information on getting proper compensation for your suffering, or browse through our articles to learn more about your case.

Disclaimer: Please understand these discussions and/or examples are not legal advice. All legal situations are different. This testimonial, endorsement and/or discussion does not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter, your particular case/ situation and/or this particular case/ situation. Thanks, Bill Turley

William Turley
“When I seek out professional advice, I don’t want B.S., I want it straight up. I figure you do also.”
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