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Are Injuries Suffered by Earthquake Relief Workers Covered by the Defense Base Act?

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defense base act coverage for earthquake relief workers


Earthquake Relief Worker Injury Lawyer

Okay.  Are you tired of reading hype that you can't trust on the Internet?  So am I.  If you are a Earthquake Relief Worker that was injured overseas,  this is a MUST READ article.  Seriously.  And be sure to read the end of this article.

My Best Advice

When you are an injured Civilian contractor, nothing is more important then telling the truth about your case. You must be completely honest and up-front with your Defense Base Act Case. From the beginning. I have seen many DBA Cases thrown out in court, because the claimant exaggerated their case. 

We understand you are injured and frustrated but do not sugar coat your injuries to the judge or you will loose. Count on it. Telling the truth matters.

My Second Best Advice

Order my free book, Win Your Defense Base Act Case: The Ultimate Straight Talk Roadmap To The Medical Treatment and Money You and Your Family Deserve. I promise it is full of useful information that will only help you win your case.

Don’t take my word for, read the Amazon Reviews here.

Let's start at the top

While most Defense Base Act workers will risk their lives on a daily basis, civilian contractors who provide disaster relief to foreign countries face specific risks. Relief workers may be placed in areas that have little protection, sanitation, or defense against further devastation, causing U.S. citizens to suffer injuries alongside the nationals they are trying to help.

Civilian workers may face a number of injury risks during earthquake relief, including:

  • Aftershocks. The earthquake that struck Nepal in 2015 caused avalanches on Mount Everest, leveled homes, and left thousands of survivors homeless. The aftershocks were so powerful they damaged even more buildings and made many people afraid to go back to their unsound homes for fear of collapse.
  • Terrorist attacks. There may be a nearby threat of terrorism that prevents workers from getting through to the people who need help. Airport closures, insurgencies, and bomb threats can all cut off access to remote areas and cause injuries to workers.
  • Travel. Even if the roads are clear of human threat, travel in foreign countries can still be perilous. Mountainous terrain, flooding, and high altitudes can all cause injuries or deaths, even for the highly-trained military members in a relief effort.
  • Construction. In addition to the homes that will need to be rebuilt, hospitals may be overrun or in disrepair, making constant construction a necessity. Aid workers who are building structures around the clock may suffer heat stroke, falls from scaffolding, or other injuries.
  • Diseases. Thousands of displaced people living in close quarters can quickly become a hotbed for diseases to spread quickly. If sanitation issues are not addressed, food and water may become contaminated, leading to a disease outbreak, such as the cholera epidemic that followed the recent earthquakes in Haiti.

Why Is it So Hard to Get Defense Base Act Benefits?

Unfortunately, many workers will face an uphill battle when trying to claim their DBA coverage. All insurers will deny legitimate claims , hoping to discourage you from pressing the matter and getting the payment you deserve. In order to find out if you have a valid claim against your employer, read through a free copy of my guide, Win Your Defense Base Act Case.

Don't believe what you read on the Internet? 

I don't blame you - neither do I. You can order the book on amazon.com or get here for free.  It is up to you.

By the way.  If you are a Earthquake Relief Worker that is not a U.S. citizen,  you are still covered by the Defense Base Act.


William Turley
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