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Defense Base Act Claims by Chaldean Linguists and Translators

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Chaldean Defense Base Act Lawyer - Bill Turley

Integrity: doing the right thing for the right reason.
– Bill Turley

The Best Advice

No matter what, the first thing you should do is always tell the truth from the beginning. Never tell a lie to the judge. Never exaggerate anything to your attorney. Always be up-front and honest with the DBA Doctor about your injuries. A doctor, a Judge and an attorney will more likely be able to help you if they believe you are being honest. 

Always be honest. Always tell the truth. It is the best first step in taking to winning your Defense Base Act Claim. Do your research. And know your case. Order my free book today, Win Your Defense Base Act Case: The Ultimate Straight Talk Roadmap To The Medical Treatment and Money You and Your Family Deserve.

And check out the 5 Star Amazon Reviews before you do. Others like your self have been in the same situation. But because they were honest and did their research before hand, they were successful in their case.


Chaldean Linguists - Overseas Contractors & Defense Base Act

Many Chaldean people left  Iraq and  came to America. Arizona, Detroit, Michigan, San Diego, and Nashville are just a few areas these Chaldean people have made their new home. As the need for work arose in the Middle East for private contractors of all sorts, the Chaldean people were not left out.  

Some of these Iraqi immigrants and their families are bilingual Arab/English speakers and are invaluable as interpreters in the harsh environments over seas. Obviously the life of a linquist and/or  interpreter can be treacherous in a war-torn area, and unfortunately injuries can occur.

Returning to your Chaldean community after a serious injury while working as an overseas contractor can be trying on a family in terms of income, medical expenses, and trauma.

DBA Civilian Contractor Claims

Working under a U.S. defense contract in the Middle East is sometimes dangerous.  Other parts of the world are perilous as well. If you happen to get injured anywhere while working a contract, you may be covered by the Defense Base Act. The Defense Base Act was created to aid private contractors from the U.S. and other parts of the world receive much needed benefits and wages owed after an injury. Recovery is hard enough without having to worry about lack of work or medical bills.

The Most Comprehensive Defense Base Act Website

This website is the most thorough and definite Defense Base Act website out there.  This website can help you understand complex portions of The Defense Base Act and give you a clear decisive plan of action.

If you are injured you will most likely come home and seek a local lawyer to represent you in your injury case. One large piece of advice before doing so is to do as much research as possible before hiring a lawyer.  You want to make sure you get the best help possible to get the maximum DBA benefits. Read as much as you can on this website.

Before You Hire a Lawyer, Speak to the Adjuster and/or Sign Any Documents

I strongly recommend that  you not hire a lawyer, speak to the adjuster and/or sign any documents before you read my book Win Your Defense Base Act Case.  You can get a copy of my book for free.

Win your Defense Base Act case with ther truth

My best advice for you is to always tell the truth when bringing a court case. Nothing is more important to you winning your case than your credibility.  Always tell the truth. Always.

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William Turley
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