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Find Out More About The Cardinal Logistics California Driver Class Action Wage Theft Lawsuit

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Cardinal Logistics California Driver Class Action Lawsuit

According to some reports, Cardinal Logistics has thousands of trucks and thousands of drivers.  Based upon our investigation hundred of those drivers are home based here in California.  Which is where we come in, of course.  

Many of you know that I represent more drivers than any lawyer in California.  California driver class actions is what my firm does. We recently filed a Cardinal Logistics California Driver Class Action lawsuit.

If you are a current driver for Cardinal Logistics (or worked for them in from June 2011 to recently) - then you should pay attention to this Cardinal Logistics California Driver Class Action lawsuit.

Let’s start at the top.

Wage theft is the biggest problem for drivers in California today. Based upon what I see everyday, almost every truck company and delivery company in California today is stealing wages.  Make no mistake about it.

Cardinal Logistics is no different than the rest of 'em

Based on what I have seen, Cardinal Logistics is no different than any other delivery company in California.  And I have more driver class action cases than any lawyer in California.

What is wage theft?

Wage theft is the illegal practice of the company not paying you for all of your work including:

Violating minimum wage laws, not paying overtime, forcing you to work off the clock, not paying you for all time worked, time-shaving, not providing you meal periods, not providing you rest periods, encouraging you to work and turning a blind -eye while you are clocked out and working during meal periods, not relieving you from all duties during meal periods and rest periods, not paying you wages in a timely manner, not paying you overtime and much more.     

“The most trusted logistics transportation solutions leader in the industry.”

The Cardinal logistics website boasts: “The most trusted logistics transportation solutions leader in the industry.”  

Which is kind of laughable on several levels. We have no doubt that the Cardinal Logistics drivers are very competent and hard working.  It isn’t their fault that Cardinal Logistics is stealing wages (according to the lawsuit that was filed) from their California drivers. Read on.

But wait, there's more

The Cardinal Logistics website goes on to boast:

Cardinal provides customers with knowledge-based, integrated logistics solutions using a combination of dedicated resources, advanced systems technology and experienced professionals.

Fact is, it is the “advanced technology” that is going to cook Cardinal Logistics goose, so to speak.  We are going to use their own technology to prove the allegations in the case that Cardinal Logistics is engaged in wage theft as outline in the lawsuit.     


But here is the real laughable part.

According to reports, in a prior lawsuit against Cardinal Logistics, there were motions file with the court that said, There was “a substantial risk that Cardinal would be unable to satisfy any judgment obtained,” Really?  

On the one hand, Cardinal is engaged in wage theft (see the complaint in our lawsuit). On the other hand, Cardinal boasts they are the “most trusted” transportation leader in the country. And on the other hand, Cardinal appears to have contrived that they don’t have the ability to repay the money that they have taken from their drivers.  

So which is it?  Stay tuned, as usual we plan on getting to the bottom of all of this.

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I was just hired by cardinal just 2 weeks ago.
Posted by James moneyhun on July 27, 2017 at 06:50 PM

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