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California Automotive Service Technician Lawyer - Wage and Hour Law

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california automotive service technician lawyer wage and hour law

California Automotive Service Technician Lawyer Straight Talk - Wage and Hour Law - "I'll show you how to get your hard earned money back."

“You ask me what forces me to speak? A strange thing; my conscience.”
Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

You turn wrenches. Hard work. You know that. You know too well how hard it is to make ends meet.  It’s tough enough already making a living.  When you get screwed by the company, it sucks.  Truth is, most California automotive service technician are cheated by the company out of their hard earned wages.

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How do I know?

I am a California Automotive Service Technician Lawyer - Wage and Hour Class Action lawyer. I represent folks just like you.  I’ll show you how to get your hard earned money back. I represent the workers in Brinker v. Superior Court - this is the 2012 California Supreme Court case that upheld your right to get paid fairly.

California Automotive Service Technician Illegal Piece Rate Pay Systems and Schemes

This all goes down in different ways different ways.  But usually automotive service technicians in California are paid under a piece rate system. You don’t get paid per hour. You paid by some system for each piece of work that you do.  Some call it flat rates or flag rates.

Okay, so piece rate systems, per se, are not illegal. But,  most piece rate systems are set up so they are illegal.  

In the real world,  most companies require automotive service technicians  to do work that is not compensated under the piece rate system or require automotive service technicians to be on-call - waiting for the next job and don’t compensate for the wait time. Or they don’t compensate automotive service technicians for 10 minute rest periods properly.  These are a few examples.


Illegal Meal Periods/ Rest Periods

Automotive service technicians  that are paid per hour in California, often work under illegal meal period policies and/or illegal meal period policies. Either then are not relieved of all duties for meal periods or pressured to miss meal periods or return to work early or stay on call during meal periods.

The way most of these systems are illegal is that they don’t pay you for your rest periods.

Some employers either pressure workers to miss rest periods, remain on call during rest periods, or only allow rest periods for every 4 hours worked (which is not the law).

Fact is, you are owed an hour’s pay for every missed meal period and every missed rest period. It really adds up, I can tell you that.


“The Joy of Math”

You may be reading this and say, “So what? What does all this matter to me?”  I call it the joy of math.  What you are going to see is all these California wage and hour law violations quickly add up. I call it the joy of math. So will you when you see how much money in back wages you are owed.


Get up, stand up,  for your rights

If you want your money back - a class action is the way to go. Or if you want to pay back the dudes that took your hard earned money, a class action will do it just fine.


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William Turley
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I work for a major auto group in the San Francisco Bay area. We're an all flat rate shop which obviously has it pros and cons, but one thing we have been talking to management about are how they are paying us. We cannot and do not get paid on jobs until the car is picked up. For instance if I do a transmission job on Monday October 1st, and finish it the same day BUT the customer doesnt pick up until October 31, I will not get paid for that job. I've worked in other dealserships and have never had this. If the job was done that day it would be posted for that day even thogh the customer had not picked up. In fact the carcan sit at the dealership for a year, I as a tech would still get paid. Is this legal practice for them to hold out on paying the tech just because the customer had not paid the invoice? To me it seems that should be on the business, not the technician. Thanks!
Posted by Toofast415 on October 12, 2017 at 09:32 PM

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