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ACE/ESIS Ripping Off Civilian Contractors Injured Overseas

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ACE ESIS - Civilian Contractor RipOff Report

I learned long ago that folks won’t listen to you until they first know you.  I am going break this rule a tad because I am going to first tell you about ACE / ESIS Insurance company before I tell you about me.

The first thing that is obvious about ACE/ ESIS is that they are insurance companies.  Insurance companies suck. No two ways about it. We all have to deal with insurance companies. I but insurance too.  But I call it the way I see it. 

ESIS, Inc. is a Defense Base Act insurance company owned by the ACE Group of Companies.  In my mind, ACE is ESIS and ESIS is ACE.  

What you are going to find out is that you are not going to get what you or I might consider anything close to a fair settlement for your DBA case from ACE/ ESIS.  I would like to tell you different, but I can’t.

Not to suggest that other DBA insurance companies are the model of fairness. But it is my take that ACE/ ESIS are about as tough as they come.  Meaning based on what I see, they deny a ton of legitimate claims and then make exceedingly poor settlement offers when they do get around to finally making settlement offers. And it also appears that they actually want to have this type of reputation.  Or so it seems to me.


Who Am I?

My name is Bill Turley. I have the largest DBA law firm on the West Coast and one of the top two largest DBA law firms in the world. 

The Turley and Mara Law Firm represents a whole lot of seriously injured overseas civilian contractors. And we have had a lot of claims against ACE/ ESIS. So what I am telling you now is based upon what I've seen. 


The Bottom Line

So here is the deal. If you have ACE / ESIS as the DBA insurance company on your case, you have to be ready for the long haul.  Meaning, for you to get full value for your case you need to ready and willing to take your case to trial.  And you have to guard your credibility with a vengeance because you have to really be thinking from the git-go that your DBA case IS going to trial.

You need to plan for the long haul.  If, or more likely when, ACE/ ESIS cut off your DBA benefits, you need to have a Plan B.  There are hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake.  Sure, I know that some cases have issues and need to be settled.  But you don’t want to settle your case for hundreds of thousands of dollars less than what it is worth because you are in dire economic straits.  

I always say forewarned is forearmed.  This is your RIPOFF REPORT concerning ACE/ ESIS.  Ignore it at your peril. And if you bought the BS, just be sure to call my office well before your case is really screwed up and well in advance of your trial.  Don’t be surprised if the magic pixie dust is really cow fertilizer.

In the meantime, I suggest that you get your FREE copy of my book - Win Your Defense Base Act.


William Turley
“When I seek out professional advice, I don’t want B.S., I want it straight up. I figure you do also.”
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