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William Turley

William Turley

William Turley

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Bill Turley's Story

Bill's Dad grew up driving trucks. His Dad drove a bakery truck. His Dad then joined the U.S. Navy.  Bill grew up on the water.   His maritime experience started while sitting on his Dad’s lap, driving their boats.

Bill stuttered pretty bad when he was kid.  The stuttering was so bad that he was placed in remedial reading when he was in third grade. Not the best start for a legal career.

Bill's first job was working on a crab boat. After college he decided to go to law school in order to become a maritime lawyer.  

Bill Turley with his kids

Bill began his practice representing workers seriously injured in San Diego’s shipyards and on the waterfront, bays and waterways.  He has been handling worker cases ever since.  Not long after Bill started to practice maritime law, there began a gradual attrition of San Diego maritime lawyers.  This was due to a variety of reasons including either going to the Bench or retiring from practice.  The long and short of it is that at a relatively young age, Bill rose to become the preeminent Plaintiff's maritime attorney in San Diego.  He continues to be such today.

Since early in his career, Bill has handled all sorts and types of maritime personal injury and death cases.  Bill has handled cases involving: Jones Act seaman, shipyard workers, cruise ship passengers, boat accident victims, personal watercraft, to unsafe maritime products. 

In 1989, one of the biggest products liability cases in San Diego’s history occurred at one of San Diego’s shipyards.  A crane dropped 13 workers onto the deck of the U.S.S. Sacramento.  Tragically, six of the workers died.  Bill represented 5 of the workers and families involved.  At the time, he was only a three year attorney.  Bill Turley has been handling unsafe product, catastrophic injury and death cases ever since.  Soon word quickly spread to other lawyers and the public about Bill's talents in handling products liability cases.

Bill is Plaintiff's counsel in the landmark 2012 California Supreme Court case - Brinker vs. Superior Court. This is the case that established workers rights to meal and rest breaks in California. Today, Bill represents more truck drivers than any lawyer in California. Bill's firm also represents more Defense Base Act workers than any law firm on the west coast.

Proven Leadership

Bill Turley has been recognized as a Top Lawyer and a Top Leader. Then the best attorneys in San Diego elected Bill to become the President of their organization. This speaks volumes as to his leadership skills and abilities. This is proven leadership.

In addition, Bill has been active with the California Trial Lawyers Association (which has changed its name to Consumer Attorneys of California (CAOC). Bill was elected again and again by his peers to be on the Board of Governors of CTLA/ CAOC for over 10 years.

He has been repeatedly named a Super Lawyer and has the top Avvo.com Rating.

Proven Experience

Bill has been amicus curiae counsel on 22 California Supreme Court cases. And the law firm is currently Plaintif's counsel in the biggest employee rights case before the California Supreme Court. This demonstrates that Bill and the firm have proven that they can tackle tough legal issues and know how to navigate the treacherous shoals of the legal system all the way to the highest court.  Proven experience.

Bill Turley - Leading Defense Base Act LawyerMr. Turley lectures and teaches other lawyers how to practice law.  He has been frequently published.  Attorneys pay to go to seminars in which he teaches maritime law, products liability law, work injury law, and trial practice. These are all areas where Bill currently practices.

Solid advice: when given a choice between the practicing professor and the student - - it is no question - - hire the professor. Bill is the person that teaches other attorneys how to handle and prevail in their cases such as yours.

Proven Courage

Bill and the law firm's attorneys have shown courage in taking on and beating the biggest companies, product manufacturers, and insurance companies in the world. It takes courage to be willing to walk into the lion's den and take out our client's deserved money away from these corporate lions. Again and again our firm has stood toe to toe with corporate mega law firms and fought for our clients. Our firm has demonstrated the ability to go blow for blow with these lawyers who represent the most powerful companies on earth.

And, our firm has demonstrated the courage to beat these companies.

Proven Results

The Turley Law Firm's lawyers are Million Dollar lawyers. Meaning, time and again, they have taken difficult cases and recovered millions for their clients. A real difference. Proven results.

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